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Bolan CP-1 digitale pianoBolan CP-1 digitale piano
Bolan CP-1 digitale piano Sale price€399,00
Rippen E-123 pianoRippen E-123 piano
Rippen E-123 piano Sale price€3.990,00
Sold outBolan CP-1 digitale piano, witBolan CP-1 digitale piano, wit
Bolan CP-1 digitale piano, wit Sale price€399,00
Casio AP-470 PianoCasio AP-470 Piano 1
Casio AP-470 zwart Sale price€970,00
Medeli DP-650 zwartMedeli DP-650 zwart
Medeli DP-650 zwart Sale price€1.140,00
Casio PX-870 Zwarte PianoCasio PX-870 Zwarte Piano 1
Casio PX-870 zwart Sale price€915,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-510 black high glossCasio Grand Hybrid GP-510 piano
Casio AP-470 witCasio AP-470 WE Piano
Casio AP-470 wit Sale price€970,00
Rippen LS concertpianoRippen LS concertpiano
Rippen LS concert piano Sale price€8.990,00
W. Hoffmann V-112 Piano
W. Hoffmann V-112 piano Sale price€10.900,00
Casio AP-750 zwartCasio AP-750 zwart
Casio AP-750 zwart Sale price€2.225,00
Gerh.Steinberg Piano UP-133-4Gerh.Steinberg PianoUP 133-1
Zimmermann S2 pianoZimmermann S2 piano
Zimmermann S2 piano Sale price€6.490,00
Casio PX-870 witCasio PX-870 WE Piano
Casio PX-870 wit Sale price€915,00
August Förster 103 piano (1969)August Förster 103 piano (1969)
August Förster 103 piano (1969) Sale price€2.990,00
Medeli DP-460K zwartMedeli DP-460K zwart
Medeli DP-460K zwart Sale price€1.035,00
Korg C1 AIR bruinKorg C1 AIR bruin
Korg C1 AIR bruin Sale price€1.199,00
Casio AP-S450 witCasio AP-S450 wit
Casio AP-S450 wit Sale price€1.769,00
Casio AP-S450 bruinCasio AP-S450 bruin
Casio AP-S450 bruin Sale price€1.769,00
Casio AP-S450 zwartCasio AP-S450 zwart
Casio AP-S450 zwart Sale price€1.769,00
Casio AP-550 witCasio AP-550 wit
Casio AP-550 wit Sale price€1.939,00
Casio AP-550 bruinCasio AP-550 bruin
Casio AP-550 bruin Sale price€1.939,00
Casio AP-550 zwartCasio AP-550 zwart
Casio AP-550 zwart Sale price€1.939,00
Bolan GP-1 digitale vleugel, witBolan GP-1 digitale vleugel, wit
Bolan GP-1 digitale vleugel, wit Sale price€1.990,00
Save €300,00Bolan CP-2 digitale piano, witBolan CP-2 digitale piano, wit
Bolan CP-2 digitale piano, wit Sale price€499,00 Regular price€799,00
Yamaha U1G silent piano (1972)Yamaha U1G Piano
Yamaha U1G silent piano (1972) Sale price€6.490,00
Yamaha U3G piano (1972)Yamaha U3G piano (1972)
Yamaha U3G piano (1972) Sale price€5.790,00
Yamaha U3E piano (1967)Yamaha U3E piano (1967)
Yamaha U3E piano (1967) Sale price€5.490,00
Yamaha U1H piano (1975)Yamaha U1H piano (1975)
Yamaha U1H piano (1975) Sale price€5.250,00
Korg G1 AIR zwartKorg G1 AIR zwart
Korg G1 AIR zwart Sale price€1.265,00
Korg C1 AIR zwartKorg C1 AIR zwart
Korg C1 AIR zwart Sale price€830,00

He was Piano's Bussum

Kerkstraat 2, 1404 HH Bussum, Netherlands

Tel   +31 (0)318 527 818

Opening hours:
Monday to Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Closed on Sundays

Thursday January 25: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Bol Pianos Bussum in the heart of the Gooi

BOL PIANOS has opened an additional branch for Het Gooi in the heart of Bussum, Naarden and the Hilversumse Meent. BOL Pianos has been active in the area for many years and we recently found a beautiful location in the center of Bussum on the corner of Brinklaan/Huizerweg. There is also ample parking here.
BOL pianos has now expanded to no fewer than 5 branches in the Netherlands and a store in Belgium.

In all Bol Pianos stores you can find acoustic pianos and grand pianos from € 1,000 up to € 200,000. Both new and used, all brands under one roof. This allows us to guarantee that everyone can choose a piano or grand piano with their heart in mind.

The manufacturers C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann, Zimmermann, Perzina, G. Steinberg, Yamaha, Kawai and Rippen are widely stocked in our showroom. We provide a 10-year warranty on our new and refurbished pianos.

Delivery of new pianos includes transport, luxurious adjustable bench, 1st tuning at home, hygrometer and coasters for the wheels.
There is also a wide collection of used pianos available in both brown and black/white. (high-gloss or matt) We also have a wide selection of used pianos that have a completely new black/white high-gloss lacquer. For an even wider choice of 1,500 pianos and 150 grand pianos, we would also like to refer you to our head office in Veenendaal. You are also welcome at our other locations in Amsterdam, Krimpen/Rotterdam and Noordwijk.

A visit to Bol Pianos Bussum?


Accessibility Bol Pianos Bussum

You will find us on the Kerkstraat in Bussum. There is ample parking on the street.

Maintenance and service

Our technical service is located in Veenendaal. This is where we carry out major repairs. We carry out minor repairs in the showroom in Bussum. A specialist is available for every repair. We are also happy to help you with maintenance. This is provided by skilled technicians. Consider tuning your piano.

In addition to maintenance, we also offer various services. Our appraisers are prepared to determine the value of your instrument. It is also possible to rent a piano or grand piano. Are you moving? Bol Pianos is happy to help you. We deliver your piano or grand piano to your home.

Product Range

Bol Pianos Bussum offers a beautiful and varied range of instruments. We have instruments for the beginning and advanced player. The range ranges from beginner to top class. Think Zimmermann and Casio for the novice player. For the top class C. Bechstein and Bösendorfer.

We sell the best models from brands such as W. Hoffmann, G. Steinberg and Perzina. A selection of Casio's digital pianos are also available from us. We also have restored pianos and grand pianos from Steinway & Sons, C. Bechstein, Schimmel, Grotrian Steinweg, Sauter, etc. The entire range is ready for you to play in the showroom.

Are you looking for a piano or grand piano? Then you've come to the right place! Regardless of the type of model you are looking for, we have it.