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Zimmermann V-109 piano (1989)Zimmermann V-109 piano (1989)
Zimmermann V-109 piano (1989) Sale price€1.490,00
Zimmermann S2 pianoZimmermann S2 piano
Zimmermann S2 piano Sale price€6.490,00
Zimmermann Z3-114 piano (1999)Zimmermann Z3-114 piano (1999)
Zimmermann Z3-114 piano (1999) Sale price€6.990,00
Zimmermann S4 pianoZimmermann S4 piano
Zimmermann S4 piano Sale price€7.190,00
Zimmermann S6 pianoZimmermann S6 piano
Zimmermann S6 piano Sale price€7.590,00
Zimmermann S8 pianoZimmermann S8 piano
Zimmermann S8 piano Sale price€8.690,00
Zimmermann S2 Silent pianoZimmermann S2 Silent piano
Zimmermann S2 Silent piano Sale price€9.780,00
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugelZimmermann Z-150 vleugel
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugel Sale price€15.900,00
Zimmermann Z-160 vleugel
Zimmermann Z-160 vleugel Sale price€16.900,00

Zimmermann pianos and grand pianos are exclusively represented by BOL Pianos in the Benelux.

Zimmermann was founded in 1884 in Leipzig. Like W. Hoffmann, the well-known Zimmermann brand was also acquired by Bechstein in 1992.

Zimmermann Z-160 vleugel


Zimmermann pianos and grand pianos were designed by C. Bechstein for people who want to get acquainted with the world of the piano without sacrificing quality. Zimmermann pianos set a new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices. All Zimmermann instruments are made to the specifications of Bechstein's R&D center, which is also responsible for the production of all other Bechstein products, such as C. Bechstein, Bechstein Premium and W. Hoffmann. Zimmermann pianos and grand pianos are reliable instruments that meet European quality standards. The pleasant touch, the rich warm sound in combination with the timeless design make the Zimmermann pianos the ideal instrument for learning to discover the beautiful piano repertoire.


Zimmermann and silent systems

Bol Pianos and grand pianos has a wide range of silent systems. These universal silent systems can be built into any piano.

A silent system makes it possible to switch from an acoustic piano to a digital piano in an instant. This allows you to enjoy your own piano playing undisturbed with the headphones, without disturbing those around you. Besides the advantages of the headphone function, the silent system has even more advantages.

Zimmermann S2 piano dicht

By means of an internal memory in the silent system it is possible to record your own/new piano playing. In most cases, the silent systems are equipped with a MIDI or USB connection. This allows you to easily connect the silent system to a computer, allowing you to control an unlimited number of sounds. In addition to extra piano sounds and other sounds, such as electric piano, harpsichord, etc., a silent system also has a metronome function.

By being able to switch from a normal piano to the silent function, you will find that you will play the piano much more often and that your playing level will improve by leaps and bounds.

Why buy at Bol

Bol is the Benelux dealer for the brands Bösendorfer, Steingraeber, W. Hoffmann and C.Bechstein. Zimmermann is a sub-brand of C. Bechstein that builds very affordable good pianos. Both pianos (the S2 and the S6) belong to Bol's stock.