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Schiedmayer 190 vleugelSchiedmayer 190 vleugel
Schiedmayer 190 vleugel Sale price€1.990,00
Save €1.000,00Blüthner 190 vleugelBlüthner 190 vleugel
Blüthner 190 vleugel Sale price€3.990,00 Regular price€4.990,00
Save €1.000,00Blüthner model 6 vleugelBlüthner model 6 vleugel
Blüthner model 6 vleugel Sale price€4.990,00 Regular price€5.990,00
Save €5.000,00Blüthner 210 vleugel (1913)Blüthner 210 vleugel (1913)
Blüthner 210 vleugel (1913) Sale price€4.990,00 Regular price€9.990,00
Uebel & Lechleiter 165 Grand Piano (1934)Uebel & Lechleiter 165 Grand Piano (1934)
Save €3.000,00Young Chang G-185 vleugel (2000)Young Chang G-185 vleugel (2000)
Young Chang G-185 vleugel (2000) Sale price€6.990,00 Regular price€9.990,00
Schimmel 150 Grand Piano (1962)Schimmel 150 Grand Piano (1962)
Schimmel 150 Grand Piano (1962) Sale price€7.490,00
Ritmuller GP-148 vleugelRitmuller GP-148 Vleugel
Ritmuller GP-148 vleugel Sale price€8.990,00
Fritz Kuhla 160 Grand Piano (1972)Fritz Kuhla 160 Grand Piano (1972)
Save €5.000,00Petrof 192 vleugel (1975)Petrof 192 vleugel (1975)
Petrof 192 vleugel (1975) Sale price€9.990,00 Regular price€14.990,00
Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014)Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014)
Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014) Sale price€9.990,00
Save €5.000,00Petrof 194 Grand PianoPetrof 194 Grand Piano
Petrof 194 Grand Piano Sale price€9.990,00 Regular price€14.990,00
Samick WFG-185 vleugel (1999)Samick WFG-185 vleugel (1999)
Samick WFG-185 vleugel (1999) Sale price€9.990,00
Gerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-166 EconomyGerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-166 Economy
C. Bechstein A-180 vleugel (1914)C. Bechstein A-180 vleugel (1914)
C. Bechstein A-180 vleugel (1914) Sale price€11.990,00
Feurich 195 vleugel (1910)Feurich 195 vleugel (1910)
Feurich 195 vleugel (1910) Sale price€11.990,00
Gerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-185 EconomyGerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-185 Economy
Fritz Kuhla 170  vleugel (1974)Fritz Kuhla 170  vleugel (1974)
Fritz Kuhla 170 vleugel (1974) Sale price€12.990,00
Pleyel 174 vleugel (1975)Pleyel 174 vleugel (1975)
Pleyel 174 vleugel (1975) Sale price€12.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-152 Piano
Gerh. Steinberg GS-152 vleugel Sale price€13.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-152 witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-152 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-152 vleugel Sale price€13.990,00
Perzina GP-152 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-152 vleugel, wit Sale price€13.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-160 zwarte VleugelG. Steinberg GS-160 zwarte Vleugel 1
Gerh. Steinberg GS-160 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-160 witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 Zwarte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
Perzina GP-160 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel, wit Sale price€14.990,00
Save €3.000,00George Steck GS-208D Silent vleugelGeorge Steck GS-208D Silent vleugel
George Steck GS-208D Silent vleugel Sale price€14.990,00 Regular price€17.990,00
George Steck GS-208 vleugelGeorge Steck GS-208 vleugel
George Steck GS-208 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
Gerh. Steinberg GS-160 vleugel, noten
Grotrian Steinweg 200 vleugel (1904)Grotrian Steinweg 200 vleugel (1904)
Save €2.000,00C. Bechstein A-180 Grand Piano (1909)C. Bechstein A-180 Grand Piano (1909)
C. Bechstein A-180 Grand Piano (1909) Sale price€14.990,00 Regular price€16.990,00
Save €3.000,00Ibach 180 Grand Piano (1906)Ibach 180 Grand Piano (1906)
Ibach 180 Grand Piano (1906) Sale price€14.990,00 Regular price€17.990,00
Save €5.000,00George Steck GS-208 HLB vleugel (1998)George Steck GS-208 HLB vleugel (1998)
George Steck GS-208 HLB vleugel (1998) Sale price€14.990,00 Regular price€19.990,00
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugelZimmermann Z-150 vleugel
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugel Sale price€15.900,00
G. Steinberg GS-175 zwarte Vleugel
Gerh. Steinberg GS-175 vleugel Sale price€15.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-175 witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-175 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-175 vleugel Sale price€15.990,00
Perzina GP-152 Limited vleugelPerzina GP-152 Limited vleugel
Perzina GP-152 Limited vleugel Sale price€15.990,00
Save €4.000,00C. Bechstein B-203 vleugel (1913)C. Bechstein B-203 vleugel (1913)
C. Bechstein B-203 vleugel (1913) Sale price€15.990,00 Regular price€19.990,00
Zimmermann Z-160 vleugel
Zimmermann Z-160 vleugel Sale price€16.900,00
G. Steinberg GS-187 zwarte Vleugel
Gerh. Steinberg GS-187 vleugel Sale price€16.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-187 witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-187 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-187 vleugel Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina GP-187 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, wit Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, NotenPerzina GP-187 vleugel, Noten
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, Noten Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina DL-175 Bruine VleugelPerzina DL-175 Bruine Vleugel 1
Perzina DL-175 vleugel Sale price€17.990,00
Perzina GP-175 Vleugel Mahonie HoogglansPerzina GP-175 Vleugel Mahonie Hoogglans 1
Perzina GP-175 vleugel, bubinga Sale price€17.990,00

Buying a grand piano at BOL pianos: If you are planning to buy a grand piano, you are about to make a major investment. Still, it is an investment worth the money. When purchasing a grand piano, it is important that you pay close attention to whether the grand piano suits your playing style and wishes. But still, choosing the perfect wing is not an easy task. There are so many different brands, prices, flavors and sounds. We at Bol Pianos are happy to help you with this. View our extensive range online or visit one of our branches near you.

What is a wing

A grand piano, also called a grand piano, is a stringed instrument in which the strings are stretched horizontally. The hammers hit the strings from below. On a piano, these strings are stretched vertically and the hammers hit the strings from the side. The strings of a grand piano are longer and thinner than the strings of a piano, creating a fuller sound. In general, the longer the grand piano, the better the sound. As the length increases, the volume also increases. A grand piano is seen as the professional version of the piano.

Wing vs. Piano

There are both similarities and differences between grand pianos and pianos. The first difference you notice are the visual differences. Pianos usually have a height of between 1 and 1.3 meters, while grand pianos usually have a length of between 1.5 and 3.1 meters.

Another big difference is that the case of a grand piano can be opened. This way the sound comes out better and does not bounce off a wall. This provides a better acoustic experience. The cabinet of a piano is closed, preventing the sound from traveling freely. In addition, a wing causes a lot less nuisance, because the vibrations are absorbed by the floor or wall. This could cause nuisance to the neighbors.

Buying a grand piano: What should you pay attention to?

Of course, our experts and advisors will always provide you with the best advice, but your own preferences come first! What should you pay attention to now? It is important that the sound of this instrument appeals to you and that the piano is pleasant to play. In addition, the design of the wing is also an important aspect. It is nice if the design of the wing somewhat matches the interior and style of your home, but also physically fits into the space.

Buy a grand piano at Bol Piano's

Bol Pianos has a wide range of grand pianos. Our advisors can tell you all about the options and help you determine which type of wing best suits your needs.

Bol Pianos has a wide range of pianos and grand pianos from various top brands including Yamaha, C. Bechstein, Steingraeber & Söhne, Bösendorfer, W. Hoffmann and Perzina. We also have a range of new and second-hand grand pianos. Are you looking for a specific model or brand? Please feel free to contact us, we may have it! View our range online or visit one of our showrooms near you. Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us!