Bolan CP-2 digitale piano, wit

Height (cm) 86
Width (cm) 135.7
Depth (cm) 54
Set up in showroom Veenendaal - Bussum

This digital piano from Bolan is the most extensive model in the series, allowing even the more advanced piano player to continue to develop and enjoy a beautiful sound as an alternative to an acoustic piano. The high-quality speakers and samples provide a natural sound experience and this model also has extensive rhythm accompaniment with different genres represented. The cabinetry is robust and elegantly designed and available in black and white. Due to the beautiful lines, this digital piano offers a beautiful addition to your interior. The fixed pedal mechanism ensures that you can perform accurate and stable pedal changes and the hammer action keyboard provides a good gradation of touch sensitivity.

Includes for free:
Stickers with notes for keys
Cable to PC

Keyboard  88-key hammer action keyboard
Shell Material  PVC wood grain
Color  White / Black
Keyboard cover  Slide cover design
Display Screen  LCD Display
Source  France DREAM audio source
Polyphony 128
Rhythm  300
Tone  1200
Demo  100
Pedal  Sustain pedal, Delay pedal, Soft pedal
Speaker  Single magnetic dual frequency 3D stereo speaker 4 Ω 20 W
Interface Metronome function /Keyboard percussion/Muti-track
recoard/Memory mode/Reverb/Chorus/Chord/Split and touch
control /Date wheel select function/Tempo control/Transpose
adjustment/Volume control/USB / MIDI / Audio / Headphone
Accessories  Power Adapter/power cable/Warranty Card/User operation
Product Size(mm)  1357*542*860
Carton Size(mm)  1480*635*390
Weight (kg) 58kg