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Bol Piano's is a special piano and grand piano company. The choice is not only extremely large, but also very varied! You will find an extensive choice in all price ranges of both European and Asian pianos and grand pianos; so with us it's not either/or, but and/and.

This unique situation ensures that you can make your choice with knowledge of all sections of the market.

Top-Class instruments

Bol Pianos is the exclusive representative in the Benelux of the European top brands C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer and Steingraeber & Söhne. Of these brands, all piano and grand piano models are not only available, but also almost always in stock! BOL Pianos has possibly even the largest selection of top instruments in the world!

In addition to the comparison between these top brands, our headquarters in Veenendaal (NL) and Hasselt (BE) offer a wide selection of young or with only original parts refurbished Steinway & Sons grand pianos. At Bol Pianos you can find top class instruments in price varying between approximately € 15.000,- and over € 150.000,-.

Professional Class instruments 

The professional instruments are exclusively represented by Bol Pianos by the brands C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann and Estonia. Almost all productions in the professional class are made in Germany or the Czech Republic (Europe) and come directly or indirectly (W. Hoffmann, Czech Republic) from the top-class parent company.

Middle-class instruments

The middle class includes the pianos and grand pianos of Yamaha, Kawai, Perzina and G. Steinberg. The mechanical properties of Yamaha and, to a lesser extent, Kawai are universally regarded as good, but the sound of both brands often comes across as unattractive to the European. If this is the case, a sound that is too hard or too dull/ flat can be improved by means of intonation.

Because the Perzina brand uses many German/European materials (strings, felt and wood), the sound of Perzina instruments fits well to very well in the traditional European sound ideal. Especially the top class C. Bechstein hammerheads and the exclusive floating soundboard (provides a beautiful bass reproduction) give a deep, warm, traditional European tone.

The Perzina factory exists next year uninterrupted 150 years and produces about 5000 instruments per year. The former German production has been relocated to Yantai/Asia since 1990, where the director of our company is a major shareholder and handles worldwide exports.

The brand G. Steinberg is built at Perzina, originally designed by Klaus Fenner, beautifully finished and with a beautiful soun

Beginnerclass instruments

The pianos and grand pianos in the beginner's class are mostly built in China. The quality of these instruments is reasonable and as long as their price varies between € 3.500,- and € 5.000,-, there is a right price-quality ratio.

Our G. Steinberg Economy series belongs to the beginner class together with many other brands such as Zimmermann, Wendl & Lung, Feurich, Ritmuller, Essex, Wilh.Steinberg, Kawai, Brodmann etc.

Occasion Pianos and grand pianos

A good and technically sound second hand piano or grand piano optimally reflects the individual characteristics of the instrument. The sound has matured over the years, just as with wine, and has developed into its final stable form.

All Yamaha and Kawai instruments we remanufactured are covered by a 5-year warranty. They have undergone an extensive mechanical overhaul in which the hammer heads, strings and dampers have been completely or partially replaced and in which the vocal base has been carefully checked, sanded and repainted. In this way, the instruments we have overhauled are assured of a long life span.

We have repainted the cabinets in black or white polyester high-gloss lacquer. In this way, you get a piece of jewellery in your home, also when you look at it!

In addition to the Yamaha and Kawai instruments, Bol Pianos also offers a variety of second-hand instruments by renowned German piano and grand piano builders such as Bösendorfer, Grotrian Steinweg, Schimmel, Seiler, Ibach, Sauter and Steinway & Sons.  


Top Class

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Middle class

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Beginner class

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