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Inductorstraat 32, 3903 KB Veenendaal, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)318 527 818 

Opening hours:
Ma t/m Do: 09:00 - 17.00
Twist: 09:00 - 21:00
For: 10:00 - 17:00
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Tuesday July 9: 09:00 - 15:00
Sunday August 4: closed
Sunday August 18: closed


WING SHOP. Our showrooms contain hundreds of instruments that can be compared with each other under similar acoustic conditions. Each instrument is unique and is characterized by its own playing nature and sound character. Since you can experience these differences within less than 8 seconds of walking with us, it is almost certain that you will find a number of instruments that suit your taste and budget.

The store, centrally located in the Netherlands and close to the A12, is open 7 days a week and easily accessible. You can park for free on our own grounds and if you come by train, we will be happy to arrange transport to and from Veenendaal Central station or Veenendaal de Klomp station.

You are very welcome in Europe's largest piano and grand piano shop!


The store, centrally located in the Netherlands and close to the A12, is open 7 days a week and easily accessible. You can park for free on our own grounds and take care of it when you come by train We are happy to arrange transport for you to and from Veenendaal Centraal station or Veenendaal de Klomp station.


The Bol Piano's showrooms in Veenendaal are together the largest selection center in Europe. Before Bol Piano's established itself as a store, it was the wholesaler that supplied pianos and grand pianos from various well-known manufacturers in Europe to many retailers.


The collections of the brands C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Estonia, W. Hoffmann, Perzina, Steingraeber & Söhne, G. Steinberg and Zimmermann are almost always fully in stock and BOL is the exclusive representative for all these brands in the Benelux! BOL also offers a wide choice of used pianos and grand pianos.

In addition to the fully restored pianos and grand pianos from the well-known Japanese brands Yamaha and Kawai, you will also find a wide selection of young and refurbished Steinway & Sons instruments in Veenendaal.


In Veenendaal you can see a number of beautiful museum pieces that radiate the Pure Passion of a company that identifies itself with the most beautiful instruments on earth. The history of the piano and grand piano is represented by our “Gravicembalo Col Piano et Forte” and by a beautiful C. Bechstein conductor's piano from London's Royal Opera House, whose keyboard is foldable and the strings are particularly long. The table piano from the English builder Collard & Collard, together with the Johann Riedl grand piano with mother-of-pearl keys, is also a feast for the eyes.


From Veenendaal we send our tuners to tune the instruments at the home of our customers in the Netherlands. Bol Pianos Veenendaal repairs, restores, spins its own strings, installs silent systems, in short, everything is carried out in-house at Bol Pianos Veenendaal!

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Rippen E-123 pianoRippen E-123 piano
Rippen E-123 piano Sale price€3.990,00
Casio AP-470 PianoCasio AP-470 Piano 1
Casio AP-470 zwart Sale price€970,00
Save €200,00Essence silent system, pianoEssence silent system, piano
Essence silent system, piano Sale price€1.290,00 Regular price€1.490,00
Save €500,00Premium Piano Silent System
Premium silent system, piano Sale price€1.490,00 Regular price€1.990,00
Perzina UP-122 PianoPerzina UP-122 Piano 1
Perzina UP-122 piano Sale price€5.990,00
Medeli DP-650 zwartMedeli DP-650 zwart
Medeli DP-650 zwart Sale price€1.140,00
Casio PX-870 Zwarte PianoCasio PX-870 Zwarte Piano 1
Casio PX-870 zwart Sale price€915,00
Casio PX-5S Draagbare PianoCasio PX-5S Draagbare Piano 1
- Sale price€1.240,00
Zimmermann S6 pianoZimmermann S6 piano
Zimmermann S6 piano Sale price€7.590,00
Casio PX-S7000 zwartCasio PX-S7000 zwart
Casio PX-S7000 zwart Sale price€2.060,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-510 black high glossCasio Grand Hybrid GP-510 piano
W. Hoffmann T-128 Piano
W. Hoffmann T-128 piano Sale price€14.900,00
Rippen L3 pianoRippen L3 piano
Rippen L3 piano Sale price€7.990,00
Casio AP-470 witCasio AP-470 WE Piano
Casio AP-470 wit Sale price€970,00
W. Hoffmann T-122 Piano
W. Hoffmann T-122 piano Sale price€13.900,00
Zimmermann S4 pianoZimmermann S4 piano
Zimmermann S4 piano Sale price€7.190,00
Rippen LS concertpianoRippen LS concertpiano
Rippen LS concert piano Sale price€8.990,00
Perzina UP-122 Silent Piano
Perzina UP-122 Silent piano Sale price€7.280,00
Premium Vleugel Silent System
Premium silent system, vleugel Sale price€2.990,00
Perzina GP-160 Zwarte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
Perzina DL-127 Zwarte Piano
Perzina DL-127 piano Sale price€7.990,00
C. Bechstein 118 Contur Piano
C. Bechstein R4 Contur piano Sale price€26.900,00
W. Hoffmann V-126 Piano
W. Hoffmann V-126 piano Sale price€12.900,00
W. Hoffmann V-120 Piano Zwart
W. Hoffmann V-120 piano Sale price€11.900,00
Casio AP-750 zwartCasio AP-750 zwart
Casio AP-750 zwart Sale price€2.225,00
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugelZimmermann Z-150 vleugel
Zimmermann Z-150 vleugel Sale price€15.900,00
Crumar SevenCrumar Seven
Crumar Seven Sale price€1.840,00
Yamaha U1H piano, mat zwart (1980)Yamaha U1H piano, mat zwart (1980)
Perzina UP-122 piano, witPerzina UP-122 piano, wit
Perzina UP-122 piano, wit Sale price€7.990,00
Sold outSchimmel 97K piano (1962)Schimmel 97K piano (1962)
Schimmel 97K piano (1962) Sale price€2.590,00
Sold outRitmuller NA-121 DEMO pianoRitmuller NA-121 DEMO piano
Ritmuller NA-121 DEMO piano Sale price€2.990,00
Zimmermann S8 pianoZimmermann S8 piano
Zimmermann S8 piano Sale price€8.690,00
Casio PX-S7000 harmonius mustardCasio PX-S7000 harmonius mustard
Casio PX-S7000 harmonius mustard Sale price€2.139,00
Casio PX-S6000 zwartCasio PX-S6000 zwart
Casio PX-S6000 zwart Sale price€1.425,00
Casio PX-S5000 zwartCasio PX-S5000 zwart
Casio PX-S5000 zwart Sale price€975,00
Gerh. Steinberg GS-160 vleugel, noten
Gerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-185 EconomyGerh. Steinberg Vleugel GP-185 Economy
W. Hoffmann T-122 piano, notenW. Hoffmann T-122 piano, noten
W. Hoffmann T-122 piano, noten Sale price€16.990,00
Gerh. Steinberg Economy UP-123 piano Wit SilentGerh. Steinberg Economy UP-123 piano Wit Silent
Gerh.Steinberg Piano UP-133-4Gerh.Steinberg PianoUP 133-1
Casio AP-470 bruinCasio AP-470 BN Piano
Casio AP-470 bruin Sale price€970,00
Casio PX-870 witCasio PX-870 WE Piano
Casio PX-870 wit Sale price€915,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 WE pianoCasio Grand Hybrid GP-310 WE piano
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 wit Sale price€2.729,00
Perzina UP-129 piano, wit
Perzina UP-129 piano, wit Sale price€6.990,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 PianoCasio Grand Hybrid GP-310 Piano
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 Sale price€2.729,00
G. Steinberg GS-160 zwarte VleugelG. Steinberg GS-160 zwarte Vleugel 1
Gerh. Steinberg GS-160 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-152 Piano
Gerh. Steinberg GS-152 vleugel Sale price€13.990,00
Perzina GP-160 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel, wit Sale price€14.990,00