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Bösendorfer 225 Zwarte VleugelBösendorfer 225 Zwarte Vleugel 1
Bösendorfer 225 vleugel Sale price€136.770,00
Bösendorfer 290 VleugelBösendorfer 290 Vleugel
Bösendorfer 290 concert grand piano Sale price€196.840,00

Bösendorfer pianos and grand pianos are exclusively represented by BOL Pianos in the Benelux.

Bösendorfer model Vienna vleugel

In 1828 Ignaz Bösendorfer started manufacturing pianos and grand pianos. The instruments were and are made entirely by hand in Vienna. From the beginning, the Bösendorfer was known for its indestructibility. Technicians also say: “All you have to do is tune the instrument.”

Bol has the largest collection of Bösendorfer grand pianos in Europe. All models from 170 - 290 cm are set up and are in optimal concert condition, in more copies per model.

Bösendorfer 290 Imperial concertvleugel binnenkant

Bösendorfer is perhaps the most renowned and beloved brand. This is the instrument that Liszt and Oscar Peterson praised so much and that Wibi Soerjadi lovingly called his 'Bösy'. The brand is famous among pianists and technicians. For many pianists, the depth of sound, richness of song and playing quality remain unparalleled.


Why buy a Bösendorfer from BOL Pianos?

BOL Pianos is perhaps the only store in Europe with the complete collection of Bösendorfer instruments in its showrooms, from piano to the largest concert grand piano, the famous Imperial, which, for example, made Wibi Soerjadi famous in the Netherlands at his concerts. The sound of a Bösendorfer is very specific and distinguishes itself from all other piano and grand piano brands. A Bösendorfer is made entirely from spruce wood (Fichte, Spruce) that grows in southeastern Europe and can be compared to the wood from which a Stradivarius violin was built. Because the bridge, the soundboard and the entire cabinet are made of the same material, no so-called transition loss occurs when the sound vibrations go from one material to another. With a Bösendorfer the material is therefore of the same “DNA”. This creates a very warm sound that penetrates very deeply into us. Not only in our hearing, but also vibrates in and as our entire sound body.

Bösendorfer Liszt vleugel

Each string is hung separately between the tuning pin and the frame pin, where all other manufacturers lay the string like the next one. It increases sound identification as a standalone. We call the Bösendorfer a “feminine sound”, especially since it has a very romantic sound. Der Klang die berührt. (The sound that sets you in motion with yourself). Bösendorfer is a 100% Austrian product of a unique class. Only at Bolpianos is it possible to compare the Bösendorfers with all other top manufacturers in the same showroom with equal acoustic qualities within a few seconds' walking distance within the same atmosphere as you experience that day.

Bösendorfer Audi Design vleugel