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  Self-playing pianos

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Gerh. Steinberg GP-166 Zelfspelende vleugelGerh. Steinberg GP-166 Zelfspelende vleugel
QRS Zelfspelend Piano SysteemQRS Zelfspelend Piano Systeem 1
QRS zelfspeel systeem Sale price€10.000,00
PianoDisc Zelfspeel systeemPianoDisc Zelfspeel systeem
PianoDisc Zelfspeel systeem Sale price€10.000,00
Yamaha Disklavier zelfspeel systeemYamaha Disklavier zelfspeel systeem
Perzina GP-187 Vleugel Zwart

At BOL Pianos we offer almost all types of self-playing systems. We have 2 universal systems that can be built into almost any piano or grand piano. We can use PianoDisc and QRS for this.

We can build these systems into an instrument. You can always continue to play the piano or grand piano as you normally would. However, the piano can also play on its own after installation. Just as a pianola used to be able to do, the piano plays without a pianist. The keys also move. 

These latest systems are very modern and can easily be operated wirelessly (via Bluetooth or WiFi) with a telephone or tablet. A speaker (invisibly concealed) will also be added. This plays the accompaniment music while the piano plays along live.

zelfspelende vleugel bosendorfer disklavier

Optionally, a recording system can also be built into both of these systems. You can then play something yourself on the piano or grand piano and record it. These recordings can be exported to a computer or played back by the system.

zelfspelende piano kopen

The original Yamaha Disklavier system can also be installed from the factory on our Bösendorfer grand piano. These can be installed exclusively on new instruments at the factory.

Are you interested in a self-playing piano? Please contact us for a demonstration or quote.