Rippen LS concert piano

Height (cm) 131.5
Width (cm) 154
 Depth (cm) 67
Branch At

Listen, Watch and Compare:

This is the top model from the new series of Rippen pianos. This concert piano is also equipped with bows, which makes the tone of each string even more defined and gives the piano an even fuller sound.

To raise the renowned high quality of the then middle class RIPPEN PIANOS to a professional level, we have professionalized the NEW RIPPEN PIANOS in a completely new line for the more advanced pianist.

Only the very best German and Japanese materials can guarantee this high quality. A Solid Spruce/Fichte soundboard guarantees this warm romantic German sound quality with a very pleasant playing nature.

You are very welcome to try these pianos in one of our stores. Let this particularly beautiful new line of pianos with a particularly beautiful finish and precision convince you as a continuing generation as EDE RIPPEN HOLLAND

Manufacturer: Pianofabrik Lenzen GmbH, exclusively represented in Europe by BOL PIANO'S & VLEUGELS B.V.