Medeli DP-650 BK digitale piano

Height (cm) 83.5
Width (cm) 136.8
Depth (cm) 51.7
Set up in showroom Veenendaal - Bussum

The Medeli DP650K is a model from Medeli's top series. A beautiful design with the feel and appearance of an acoustic piano. Equipped with a modest, but clear, display and controls.

The Medeli DP650K is equipped with Medeli's K8 keyboard. A fingerboard with a top layer that feels like an ivory fingerboard. The keyboard has an extra sensor that also registers the release of the key. Optically, the key also has a different color than the K6 keyboard and therefore looks more like a piano key.

The piano has the option to connect a dynamic microphone so that it becomes possible to sing along with the piano part being played. The microphone can also be equipped with 9 different effects specifically designed for use with the microphone.

With the built-in equalizer, the timbre of the piano can be adjusted to taste. A number of preset settings are available for this.

A computer can be connected to use the piano to control sequencer software, but can also pass the piano's audio through the USB connection to use the DP650's sound and playing within DAW software.


Keyboard: 88 weighted hammer action keys (K8)
Display: 2,08 inch Dot-matrix OLED
Polyphony: 256
Sounds: 40 + 128 GM + 8 GM drum kits
Accompaniments/Styles: none
Registrations: none
Songs: 90
Demo: none
Opname: SMF1 MIDI en 44,1 kHz 16 bit stereo 320Kbps mp3
Connections: DC power, Headphones (6.3 mm jack), Pedals, USB (host), USB (device), Aux-In/Aux out (6.3 mm stereo jack), microphone
Power supply: DC 15 volts/2500mA
Amplifier: 2 x 40 watts
Dimensions: 1368 x 517 x 835 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 52kg
Included: Power adapter, manual