Manufacturer – Wholesale – Retail
The largest pianoshop of Europe


Bolpianos is a manufacturer and has a large piano factory in the Far East, where several thousand pianos and grand pianos are produced in the joint venture Yantai Pano Manufacturing Co. Ltd of the Perzina Pianos/grands and G.Steinberg. These factory instruments are made as fine quality craftsmanship. They are valued in the highest quality category (Cat. no. 2 and no.3 Source: Larry Fine/The Piano Book) of instruments from Germany and assembled in China, before they are exported all over the world to Australia/New Zealand, Asia, America, Russia, Africa and of course Europe. Approximately 50% of the production remains in Asia, while 50% is also exported to overseas territories.


BOL owns also a restorationfactory where all Yamaha and Kawai pianos and grand pianos are thoroughly overhauled and the furniture is completely repainted with new polyester lacquer. These instruments are exported to almost all European countries, Africa and U.S.A. In U.S.A. BOL has its own dealer network of Perzina pianos and grand pianos. 


BOL has 7 retail stores in Europe, of which 3 in the Netherlands, 2 in Belgium and 2 in Kenya. Here, Bolpianos has the exclusivity of the most famous manufacturers in the world, with the exception of Steinway & Sons, but also all the equally renowned top manufacturers. All represented under one roof, conveniently arranged next to each other within the same acoustic vibe and a walking distance of a few seconds. . . These are the best instruments in the world from Cat. 1, Steingraeber & Söhne, C.Bechstein/W.Hoffmann and Bösendorfer. It is this 3 unit as a manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer that gives Bolpianos its worldwide good reputation as the largest shop in Europe. The best price/quality is toppriority in the size of this private family business.