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Bolan CP-1 digitale pianoBolan CP-1 digitale piano
Bolan CP-1 digitale piano Sale price€399,00
Sold outBolan CP-1 digitale piano, witBolan CP-1 digitale piano, wit
Bolan CP-1 digitale piano, wit Sale price€399,00
Save €300,00Bolan CP-2 digitale pianoBolan CP-2 digitale piano
Bolan CP-2 digitale piano Sale price€499,00 Regular price€799,00
Save €300,00Bolan CP-2 digitale piano, witBolan CP-2 digitale piano, wit
Bolan CP-2 digitale piano, wit Sale price€499,00 Regular price€799,00
Korg B2 SP zwartKorg B2 SP zwart
Korg B2 SP zwart Sale price€610,00
Korg B2 SP witKorg B2 SP wit
Korg B2 SP wit Sale price€610,00
Korg LP-180 zwartKorg LP-180 zwart
Korg LP-180 zwart Sale price€685,00
Korg LP-180 witKorg LP-180 wit
Korg LP-180 wit Sale price€685,00
Korg LP-380U zwartKorg LP-380U zwart
Korg LP-380U zwart Sale price€770,00
Korg LP-380U rosewoodKorg LP-380U rosewood
Korg LP-380U rosewood Sale price€770,00
Korg LP-380U rosewood/zwartKorg LP-380U rosewood/zwart
Korg LP-380U rosewood/zwart Sale price€770,00
Korg LP-380U witKorg LP-380U wit
Korg LP-380U wit Sale price€770,00
Casio PX-770 zwart
Casio PX-770 zwart Sale price€799,00
Casio PX-770 bruin
Casio PX-770 bruin Sale price€799,00
Casio PX-770 wit
Casio PX-770 wit Sale price€799,00
Casio PX-870 Zwarte PianoCasio PX-870 Zwarte Piano 1
Casio PX-870 zwart Sale price€915,00
Casio PX-870 witCasio PX-870 WE Piano
Casio PX-870 wit Sale price€915,00
Casio PX-870 bruinCasio PX-870 bruin
Casio PX-870 bruin Sale price€915,00
Casio AP-470 PianoCasio AP-470 Piano 1
Casio AP-470 zwart Sale price€975,00
Casio AP-470 witCasio AP-470 WE Piano
Casio AP-470 wit Sale price€975,00
Casio AP-470 bruinCasio AP-470 BN Piano
Casio AP-470 bruin Sale price€975,00
Save €176,00Casio AP-650 zwart
Casio AP-650 zwart Sale price€999,00 Regular price€1.175,00
Medeli DP-460K BK digitale pianoMedeli DP-460K BK digitale piano
Medeli DP-460K BK digitale piano Sale price€1.035,00
Medeli DP-650 BK digitale pianoMedeli DP-650 BK digitale piano
Medeli DP-650 BK digitale piano Sale price€1.145,00
Korg C1 AIR zwartKorg C1 AIR zwart
Korg C1 AIR zwart Sale price€1.199,00
Korg C1 AIR witKorg C1 AIR wit
Korg C1 AIR wit Sale price€1.199,00
Korg C1 AIR bruinKorg C1 AIR bruin
Korg C1 AIR bruin Sale price€1.199,00
Crumar SeventeenCrumar Seventeen
Crumar Seventeen Sale price€1.265,00
Save €151,00Casio AP-710 PianoCasio AP-710 Piano
Casio AP-710 zwart Sale price€1.399,00 Regular price€1.550,00
Korg G1 AIR zwartKorg G1 AIR zwart
Korg G1 AIR zwart Sale price€1.399,00
Korg G1 AIR witKorg G1 AIR wit
Korg G1 AIR wit Sale price€1.399,00
Korg G1 AIR bruinKorg G1 AIR bruin
Korg G1 AIR bruin Sale price€1.399,00
Crumar ParsifalCrumar Parsifal
Crumar Parsifal Sale price€1.595,00
Casio AP-S450 zwartCasio AP-S450 zwart
Casio AP-S450 zwart Sale price€1.769,00
Casio AP-S450 witCasio AP-S450 wit
Casio AP-S450 wit Sale price€1.769,00
Casio AP-S450 bruinCasio AP-S450 bruin
Casio AP-S450 bruin Sale price€1.769,00
Crumar SevenCrumar Seven
Crumar Seven Sale price€1.849,00
Korg G1 PoetryKorg G1 Poetry
Korg G1 Poetry Sale price€1.899,00
Casio AP-550 zwartCasio AP-550 zwart
Casio AP-550 zwart Sale price€1.939,00
Casio AP-550 witCasio AP-550 wit
Casio AP-550 wit Sale price€1.939,00
Casio AP-550 bruinCasio AP-550 bruin
Casio AP-550 bruin Sale price€1.939,00
Casio PX-S7000 zwartCasio PX-S7000 zwart
Casio PX-S7000 zwart Sale price€2.085,00
Casio PX-S7000 witCasio PX-S7000 wit
Casio PX-S7000 wit Sale price€2.085,00
Casio PX-S7000 harmonius mustardCasio PX-S7000 harmonius mustard
Casio PX-S7000 harmonius mustard Sale price€2.165,00
Casio AP-750 zwartCasio AP-750 zwart
Casio AP-750 zwart Sale price€2.235,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 PianoCasio Grand Hybrid GP-310 Piano
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 Sale price€2.729,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 WE pianoCasio Grand Hybrid GP-310 WE piano
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-310 wit Sale price€2.729,00
Casio Grand Hybrid GP-510 black high glossCasio Grand Hybrid GP-510 piano

Welcome to BOL Pianos & Grand Pianos - Your Destination for Elegant Home Pianos!

Discover the perfect harmony between style and musicality with our extensive collection of home pianos. Specially designed for those who are looking not only for an instrument, but also for an aesthetic masterpiece for their interior. Our home pianos, also known as digital pianos with furniture, take your musical experience to the next level with high-quality sound technology and refined design.

Why a Home Piano?

At BOL Pianos & Vleugels we understand that your home is more than just a place; it is a reflection of your personality and style. Our home pianos add a touch of elegance to any room, while delivering unparalleled sound. Thanks to the integrated furniture design, high-quality speakers and fixed pedals, you not only enjoy sublime sound, but you also add a beautiful element to your interior.

Top Brands, Trusted Quality

BOL Pianos & Vleugels is proud to offer an extensive selection of home pianos from renowned brands such as Korg, Casio, Nord and our own brand Bolan. We believe in delivering nothing less than the best, which is why we also include critically acclaimed digital pianos from Yamaha, Kawai and Roland in our range.

Discover Your Perfect Home Piano

Whether you are an experienced pianist looking for advanced features or a beginner exploring the world of music, at BOL Pianos & Grand Pianos you will find the perfect home piano to suit your needs and taste. Our expert staff is ready to guide you in choosing the ideal instrument that suits not only your musical preferences, but also the aesthetics of your home environment.

Bring your musical journey home with a home piano from BOL Pianos & Vleugels. Discover the perfect interplay of sound and style today.