Casio AP-750 zwart

Height (cm) 91.1
Width (cm) 137.7
Depth (cm) 42.7
Set up in showroom Veenendaal - Bussum

Casio AP-750 - Discover the versatility of this instrument

Welcome to the Casio AP-750, a piano that has much more to offer than just music. Experience the versatility of this beautiful instrument developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein.

Instant Replayer feature for unparalleled recording experience

The Instant Replayer feature allows you to continuously record your own performance. This unique feature makes it possible to record performances in real time, up to 270 seconds long. If the recording time is exceeded, the previous recording will be automatically overwritten. This makes the AP-750 perfect for analyzing your exercise progress.

Scene function for personal sound settings

The Scene function gives you instant access to 10 preset tones and the ability to save an additional 10 custom sound settings. Adjust the piano to your own preferences and create a unique playing experience.

Bluetooth® connectivity for modern connectivity

Take advantage of the wireless world with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity. Use the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adapter WU-BT10 to easily transfer audio and MIDI data between your smartphone, tablet and the piano. Play along to your favorite songs or use educational apps to improve your skills.

Developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein

The AP-750 is the result of close collaboration with C. Bechstein, a renowned name in the piano world. This partnership has resulted in an instrument with unparalleled sound quality and playability.

Experience the harmony of craftsmanship and technology with the Casio AP-750. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist, this piano provides an inspiring and satisfying playing experience. Discover versatility and enrich your musical journey with the Casio AP-750.

Sound Source AiR Grand
Layer Yes
Split Yes
Simulator Key Off Simulator
String Resonance Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Damper Resonance Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Open String Resonance Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Aliquot Resonance Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Key Action Noise Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Pedal Action Noise Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Damper Noise Yes (10 levels, tone, off)
Lid Simulator Yes (4 types, tone)
Digital Effects Sound Mode: Hall Simulator / Reverb
Hall Simulator 8, Reverb 8, tone, off
Visual Information Bar Yes
Input-Output Terminals PHONES/OUTPUT: 2: Stereo standard phone jack (TRS phone)
Speakers and Amplifiers Speakers Size: 12cm × 4 + 3.5cm × 4
Speaker System: 4-Channel/8-Speaker
Amplifiers: 10Wx2 + 10W × 2
Power Supply AC Adaptor: AD-E24250LW
Power Consumption: 24W
Dimensions: 1,401 × 440 × 929 mm
Weight: Main unit only (without battery) - 53.6kg
Accessories Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10), Music Stand, AC Adaptor (AD-E24250LW)