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Acoustic piano, digital or silent
But what exactly is the difference between an acoustic, a digital and a silent piano ? On an acoustic piano, sound is created by the hammers hitting the strings when a key is pressed. And using the pedals makes this sound even more beautiful. A digital piano creates electric sound when a key is pressed. These sounds are played through an amplifier and speakers. Playing an acoustic piano is a real experience in terms of sound and use, and a digital piano can imitate this sound well, but still sounds different from a real acoustic piano.  
The best of both worlds? Then take a look silent piano ! A silent piano is an acoustic piano where you have the option to play with headphones on. When the silent system is switched on, the acoustics of the piano are switched off and the sound becomes digital sound. You will then hear this sound through your headphones.

The pro's and con's
Each type of piano has its own advantages and disadvantages. We highlight the most important advantages and disadvantages for you: 
Advantages of an acoustic piano:
  • The sound is unique and unmatchable.
  • Using an acoustic piano is also challenging for advanced students.
  • Retains its value for a long time.
  • Lasts for generations without losing its quality.
There are also a number of disadvantages to an acoustic piano:
  • It is an investment in terms of purchase price.
  • An acoustic piano requires maintenance, such as tuning the piano.
  • If an acoustic piano is not equipped with a silent system, headphones cannot be used. The piano will therefore produce more sound.

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The advantages and disadvantages of a digital piano
Advantages of a digital piano:
  • The purchase price of a digital piano is generally lower than an acoustic piano.
  • A digital piano can also be played with headphones.
  • There are options to digitally record piano playing.
  • With a digital piano it is also possible to record other sounds. 
There are also a number of disadvantages to a digital piano:
  • A digital piano loses its value faster than an acoustic piano and has a shorter lifespan.
  • Less challenge for advanced piano players.
  • As described, the sound of an acoustic piano cannot be matched. With a digital piano you can hear that the sounds are digitally formed.
A piano from Bol Pianos
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