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Save €200,00Essence silent system, pianoEssence silent system, piano
Essence silent system, piano Sale price€1.290,00 Regular price€1.490,00
Save €500,00Premium Piano Silent System
Premium silent system, piano Sale price€1.490,00 Regular price€1.990,00
Carl Ebel 116 piano (2001)Carl Ebel 116 piano (2001)
Carl Ebel 116 piano (2001) Sale price€2.490,00
Haegele 108 piano (1966)Haegele 108 piano (1966)
Haegele 108 piano (1966) Sale price€2.690,00
W. Hoffmann 98 piano (1964)W. Hoffmann 98 piano (1964)
W. Hoffmann 98 piano (1964) Sale price€2.990,00
Premium Vleugel Silent System
Premium silent system, vleugel Sale price€2.990,00
Fuchs & Möhr 114 piano (1985)Fuchs & Möhr 114 piano (1985)
Fuchs & Möhr 114 piano (1985) Sale price€3.490,00
Yamaha C-109 piano (1963)Yamaha C-109 piano (1963)
Yamaha C-109 piano (1963) Sale price€3.490,00
Rippen E-123 pianoRippen E-123 piano
Rippen E-123 piano Sale price€3.990,00
Yamaha U1G piano (1971)Yamaha U1G piano (1971)
Yamaha U1G piano (1971) Sale price€4.890,00
Yamaha U1H piano (1972)Yamaha U1H piano (1972)
Yamaha U1H piano (1972) Sale price€4.990,00
Gerh.Steinberg Piano UP-133-4Gerh.Steinberg PianoUP 133-1
Yamaha U1H piano (1973)Yamaha U1H piano (1973)
Yamaha U1H piano (1973) Sale price€5.250,00
Yamaha U1H piano (1973)Yamaha U1H piano (1973)
Yamaha U1H piano (1973) Sale price€5.250,00
Yamaha U1H piano (1975)
Yamaha U1H piano (1975) Sale price€5.680,00
Perzina UP-122 PianoPerzina UP-122 Piano 1
Perzina UP-122 piano Sale price€5.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-123 Piano
Gerh. Steinberg GS-123 piano Sale price€5.990,00
G. Steinberg GS-126 Piano
Gerh. Steinberg GS-126 piano Sale price€6.490,00
Zimmermann S2 pianoZimmermann S2 piano
Zimmermann S2 piano Sale price€6.490,00
Perzina UP-129 Piano Zwart
Perzina UP-129 piano Sale price€6.990,00
Perzina UP-122 piano, witPerzina UP-122 piano, wit
Perzina UP-122 piano, wit Sale price€7.990,00
Perzina UP-130 Zwarte Piano
Perzina UP-130 piano Sale price€8.990,00
Zimmermann S2 Silent pianoZimmermann S2 Silent piano
Zimmermann S2 Silent piano Sale price€9.780,00
W. Hoffmann V-112 Piano
W. Hoffmann V-112 piano Sale price€10.900,00
W. Hoffmann V-120 Piano Zwart
W. Hoffmann V-120 piano Sale price€11.900,00
W. Hoffmann V-126 Piano
W. Hoffmann V-126 piano Sale price€12.900,00
Perzina GP-152 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-152 vleugel, wit Sale price€13.990,00
W. Hoffmann T-128 Piano
W. Hoffmann T-128 piano Sale price€14.900,00
W. Hoffmann P-120 Piano
W. Hoffmann P-120 piano Sale price€15.900,00
W. Hoffmann P-126 Piano
W. Hoffmann P-126 piano Sale price€16.900,00
Perzina GP-187 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, wit Sale price€16.990,00
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989) Sale price€22.990,00
C. Bechstein Academy A-124 Style Piano
W. Hoffmann T-161 Piano
W. Hoffmann T-161 vleugel Sale price€36.900,00
W. Hoffmann T-177 Vleugel
W. Hoffmann T-177 vleugel Sale price€38.900,00
W. Hoffmann T-186 Vleugel
W. Hoffmann T-186 vleugel Sale price€43.900,00
Steinway & Sons O-180 vleugel (1940)Steinway & Sons O-180 vleugel (1940)
C. Bechstein Academy A-175 Vleugelpiano
C. Bechstein Academy A-175 vleugel Sale price€57.900,00

Bol Pianos Noordwijk

Keyserswey 63, 2201CX Noordwijk, Netherlands

Tel   +31 (0)318 527 818

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
Closed on Sundays

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Bol pianos and Music All In is a unique collaboration between Music All In Noordwijk and Bol Pianos & Vleugels from Veenendaal. Just like Bol Piano's, Music All In is a family business with more than 40 years of experience. Started as a small record store in 1980 and has grown into one of the largest music stores in the Benelux. A company built on a foundation of service and customer focus. Employees who are all specialists in the field of music. Everyone at Music All In is a musician and plays or has played in a band, harmony or brass band. Being able to speak and participate from experience. In short, they really know what they are talking about.

Bol Pianos en Vleugels has provided Music All In with a beautiful extensive collection. In Noordwijk you will find new pianos and grand pianos from, among others, C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann, Perzina, G. Steinberg and Zimmermann. At Music All In you will also find an extensive range of used pianos and grand pianos. Brands such as Steinway & Sons, Schimmel, Blüthner and Kawai can be admired in the showroom and of course played. The collection of 100% restored Yamaha pianos and grand pianos is the largest in South Holland. Revised to as good as new by our own professionals. Original production models from Japan. The world's best-selling models such as the U1, U3, UX, C2 and C3 are in our showroom. You get a 10-year warranty on all restored Yamaha pianos and grand pianos.
There is a suitable piano for everyone! From the novice to the professional pianist.

In addition, Music All In has access to the full range of Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos. You can choose from more than 1,500 pianos and 150 grand pianos. Have you seen a piano or grand piano that is in another branch? It will be brought to Music All In Noordwijk for you.





And we want to prove that to you every day. As a family business, we stand for hospitality, safety, trust and commitment. Music All In sets no boundaries when it comes to a satisfied customer. You can expect everything within our power from us to ensure that we help you to your complete satisfaction.

Founded in 1980 by Jan Aandewiel. Now continued by us, his children. Jan, Bas and Maaike Aandewiel. As young employees we started next to Jan and his brother Pieter. Here we learned what Music All In stands for: Service and Customer Focus.

A visit to Bol Pianos Noordwijk?


The collections of the brands C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Estonia, W. Hoffmann, Perzina, Steingraeber & Söhne, G. Steinberg and Zimmermann are almost always fully in stock and BOL is the exclusive representative for all these brands in the Benelux! BOL also offers a wide choice of used pianos and grand pianos. In addition to the fully restored pianos and grand pianos from the well-known Japanese brands Yamaha and Kawai, you will also find a wide selection of young and refurbished Steinway & Sons instruments in Veenendaal.


To ensure that we can do more for you than just selling you a product, we have our own repair & maintenance workshops, our own transport service that delivers large orders wherever and whenever, unprecedented warranty and return conditions and we go to great lengths. extreme when a flexible solution is required from us.

We believe in the long term, in relationships, in professionalism and perseverance. We guarantee that we will always go the extra mile for you.