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Perzina UP-112 Piano
Perzina UP-112 piano Sale price€4.990,00
Perzina UP-112 piano, notenPerzina UP-112 piano, noten
Perzina UP-112 piano, noten Sale price€4.990,00
Perzina UP-115 Piano
Perzina UP-115 piano Sale price€5.590,00
Perzina UP-122 PianoPerzina UP-122 Piano 1
Perzina UP-122 piano Sale price€5.990,00
Perzina UP-122 piano, notenPerzina UP-122 piano, noten
Perzina UP-122 piano, noten Sale price€5.990,00
Perzina DL-122 Piano
Perzina DL-122 piano Sale price€6.590,00
Perzina UP-129 Piano Zwart
Perzina UP-129 piano Sale price€6.990,00
Perzina UP-129 piano, wit
Perzina UP-129 piano, wit Sale price€6.990,00
Perzina UP-122 Silent Piano
Perzina UP-122 Silent piano Sale price€7.280,00
Perzina DL-127 Zwarte Piano
Perzina DL-127 piano Sale price€7.990,00
Perzina UP-122 piano, witPerzina UP-122 piano, wit
Perzina UP-122 piano, wit Sale price€7.990,00
Perzina UP-129 Silent Piano
Perzina UP-129 Silent piano Sale price€8.280,00
Perzina UP-130 Zwarte Piano
Perzina UP-130 piano Sale price€8.990,00
Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014)Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014)
Perzina GP-152 vleugel (2014) Sale price€9.990,00
Perzina GP-152 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-152 vleugel Sale price€13.990,00
Perzina GP-152 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-152 vleugel, wit Sale price€13.990,00
Perzina GP-160 Zwarte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel Sale price€14.990,00
Perzina GP-160 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-160 vleugel, wit Sale price€14.990,00
Perzina GP-175 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-175 vleugel Sale price€15.990,00
Perzina GP-152 Limited vleugelPerzina GP-152 Limited vleugel
Perzina GP-152 Limited vleugel Sale price€15.990,00
Perzina GP-187 Vleugel Zwart
Perzina GP-187 vleugel Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina GP-187 Witte Vleugel
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, wit Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, NotenPerzina GP-187 vleugel, Noten
Perzina GP-187 vleugel, Noten Sale price€16.990,00
Perzina DL-175 Bruine VleugelPerzina DL-175 Bruine Vleugel 1
Perzina DL-175 vleugel Sale price€17.990,00
Perzina GP-175 Vleugel Mahonie HoogglansPerzina GP-175 Vleugel Mahonie Hoogglans 1
Perzina GP-175 vleugel, bubinga Sale price€17.990,00
Perzina GP-187 Vleugel Zwart

Perzina is produced and exclusively represented by BOL Pianos.

Concert op 10 Perzina vleugels

Perzina is guaranteed quality par excellence. Equipped with the ESQ mark, which means that 90% of the materials come from Germany and other European countries such as England, France and Austria. Under Bol's supervision, Perzina grew into a product that rivals the major brands in sound and quality. The pianos have a floating convex soundboard and bridge from Fichte (exclusive, patented by Bol cs), which extends the speaking string part by 20%. 'Perzina has its own unique mechanism that is manufactured using the most modern techniques and high-quality natural materials. No plastic parts are used as you find in Japanese pianos. The German hammer heads are from C.Bechstein (depending on model). Perzina grand pianos are equipped with comparable quality Renner mechanisms as Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Seiler and Bechstein.

Affordable, completely handmade pianos and grand pianos. Equipped with the latest technology: Perzina is an unparalleled experience in terms of price/quality. All models are available in many cabinet designs. The leading American book, The Piano Book, written by Larry Fine, annually tests all new pianos and grand pianos and then places them into categories. Perzina is in the same category as well-known quality brands such as Yamaha, Kawai and Boston. Come listen to the harmonic quality in terms of sound, construction style and price.

Perzina vleugel in Paleis het Loo

The materials, the source of quality

Perzina uses the very best quality European materials, such as:

  1. Soundboard wood: Austrian quality spruce wood. This soundboard cannot lose pressure due to the special convex construction.
  2. Hammer heads: most piano models are equipped with the mechanism and hammer heads from Renner and/or Abel.
  3. Strings: Röslau (Germany)
  4. Tuning block: multiple layers of beech, brand Delignit (German)
  5. The pianos have a floating convex soundboard and a spruce comb. The majority of the grand pianos are equipped as standard with Renner mechanisms of the same quality as Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Seiler and Bechstein.
  6. Keyboard: individually multi-layered Linden wood weighted keys.

    Perzina piano's & vleugels

Hammers and strings

Perzina uses first-class C.Bechstein hammers of the highest available quality, which are used by famous German piano makers. The hammers are individually tuned by hand by our German master technicians. The strings are from the German company Röslau of the highest quality pre-stressed steel and copper. The moment the hammers reach the strings, a fully balanced spectrum of sound and emotion unfolds.

Perzina uses several layers of thin wood for the wood for the edge of the wing. This comes from all over the world, from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, New Zealand and Canada. The tuning block, in which the tuning pins are housed, is made by the German company Delignit. Numerous layers of wood are glued diagonally together to gain strength and prevent cracks. The bridge that transfers energy and sound from the strings to the soundboard is made of solid spruce wood, finished with a top layer of hardwood. Due to its hard texture and light weight, it can transmit the clear and pure sound directly to the soundboard. The soundboard is made of the same wood.

The steel parts

Steel parts are essential to make an instrument tuning stable. Perzina uses classic vacuum and/or sandblasted iron frames that can meet the highest demands and are finished with a beautiful rose or yellow gold color. Each sandcasted frame is thoroughly checked for strength and hardness to withstand the immense power of the strings. (approximately 20 tons) Each frame and each cabinet is allowed to 'rest' for a while before it can be put into production. This is to give the material the opportunity to 'harden'. All Perzina grand pianos are equipped with the Duplex Aliquot Scale system, which makes the timbre clearer and more harmonically accurate. The same Duplex Aliquot Scale system is used by all famous piano factories in their top grand piano brands. The highest quality Röslau strings and reverse-turned tuning pins made of chrome-plated nickel are used on every Perzina.

Why buy pianos from bol

The latest Perzina models (only available from Bol) have a floating soundboard. This cannot tear and produces a beautiful, full, warm sound.
The C. Bechstein hammer heads in the Perzinas ensure optimal tonal color and sound output. The key valves of all Perzina piano models are equipped with a slowfall mechanism.
Under the piano and grand piano lid, the unique level of finish of the Perzina pianos and grand pianos is immediately visible; the beautiful exclusive Birdeye veneer contrasts tastefully with the high-gloss spray lacquer.