Bol Piano's has its own workshop where piano technical work is carried out. We tune, regulate and string the instruments in our workshop. Everything needed to keep or get them in top shape; we have it all at home.

Repairs and restorations are carried out by qualified personnel who have all the knowledge in the technical field of piano. Think about:

  • Minor repairs
  • Complete restorations
  • Spinning strings
  • Repairing the soundboard and cabinet
  • Replacing hammer heads

With this, Bol Pianos guarantees consistent quality and your instrument will be left fully tuned, regulated and well controlled. And approximately 6 weeks after delivery, it will be completely checked and tuned again at your home. In addition, Bol uses a network of well-qualified voters and technicians in the country to carry out tuning and/or minor repairs at the customer's home.

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