Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)

Length (cm) 200
Width (cm) 148
Serial Number 4711071
Year of construction/year of restoration 1989/2022
Branch Noordwijk

Listen, Watch and Compare:

Just like the well-known Yamaha C3 model, the Yamaha C5 grand piano has six construction periods: 1979-1985 (1st model), 1985-1988 (C5A), 1988-1990 (C5B), 1990-1994 (C5E), 1994-1999 (2nd). model) and 1999–present (C3L). From 1990 the Yamaha C5 grand piano is 200 cm and previously 197 cm long.

The Yamaha C5 is a popular grand piano that is regularly encountered in conservatories and music schools. Due to the 200 cm (or 197 cm) length, it is rich and full of sound, making the
Yamaha C5 grand piano is often placed on a stage.

Our refurbished Yamaha pianos & grand pianosare like new instruments again. Both the inside and outside have been overhauled.

The cabinetwork has been sprayed with polyester high-gloss lacquer, the fingerboard tops have been replaced, the soundboard has new lacquer, and even the inside is in new condition. Partly because of this, we give a 10-year warranty on these instruments.

The strings and hammer heads have been repaired or replaced if necessary. We also replace all felt work and cores in the mechanism as standard. All brass parts have been polished and look like new again. All pianos are equipped with a study pedal and slow-fall on the key cover.