Schimmel 97K piano (1962)

Height (cm) 98.5
Width (cm) 135
Depth (cm) 50
Serial Number 53532
Construction year 1962
Branch Veenendaal

The smallest model piano that Schimmel ever made. Model 97K Capriccio. Despite its size, it is equipped with Renner mechanism and a special plexiglass keyboard lid. Made in beech matt.

Wilhelm Schimmel (1854-1946) founded the famous Schimmel piano factory in Leipzig in 1885 and started building grand pianos in 1892. In 1927, his son Wilhelm Arno Schimmel took over the company, moved it to Braunschweig and - as a result of the difficult economic times - the company merged with other piano manufacturers under the name 'Deutsche Pianowerke AG'. From 1931, Schimmel is an independent company again. In 1951, Schimmel presented the world's first transparent plexiglass grand piano and in 1956 a grand piano with a built-in radio, record player and tape recorder.

When Wilhelm Arno Schimmel died in 1961, his son Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel succeeded him. Under his leadership the company experienced strong growth; Three French piano factories were taken over: Gaveau (1967), Erard (1970) and Pleyel (1971). These brands returned to France between 1994 and 1996 and now belong to the 'Manufacture Française de Pianos'. 
Today the company is led by Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel and Xiejun Wang.