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This most famous factory in the world was founded in 1887 by Torakusa Yamaha in Hamamatsu, Japan, which first built Harmoniums, but during the time of industrialization mainly focused on Acoustic Pianos and Grand Grand Pianos, which were introduced in the Netherlands around 1964. In the following years, exports from Japan increased, especially to Europe and America.

In the Netherlands, Yamaha's importer in the 1970s became J.Domp B.V. where Ron BOL worked as sales director since 1972 until 1980, after which he became independent and subsequently introduced many other products in the Netherlands. The most famous and best Yamaha pianos are built in Japan. These are the models U-1 and U-3 that Yamaha built in large numbers at the time, exclusively in Japan and are sold exclusively and exclusively in the Netherlands by the 5 BOL Shops with an experience at BOL PIANOS of more than 50 years of Yamaha pianos.

BOL PIANOS specializes in the so-called 100% REFURBISHED YAMAHA PIANOS, which are restored in our own exclusive workshop with original traditional parts.

What does 'Refurbished' mean?

• In short, these instruments are 'As Good As New'
• The entire cabinet is sprayed in new black high-gloss polyester, also available in white high-gloss or a completely new veneered walnut cabinet version.
• All moving axles/pivots are completely renewed, as well as the introduction of the keys and the various felts.
• The original soundboard from Sitka Sprice (Alaska) is completely sanded and given a new soundboard lacquer layer.
• The pedals and hinges and all brass parts are completely new polished.
• The keyboard is completely new with new key tops, so you can play on new keys.
• All mechanical parts and cords (pulling straps) are completely replaced.
• The stringing remains original and hammer heads remain original or are replaced if necessary.
• Slowfall (slowly closing keyboard lid) is checked to ensure that the lid falls smoothly.
• The piano is fully regulated and tuned.

We therefore provide a full 10-year warranty on mechanics and construction.

YAMAHA Refurbished vs. new:

Click on video for a BEFORE and AFTER Yamaha instrument

The price of a new Yamaha U-1 (from Japan) is approximately €11,000 and of a Yamaha U-3 (from Japan) approximately €13,000. Delivery times from Japan are currently very long. The prices of this original U-1/U3 Refurbished (As Good As New) are roughly half or less of the new price and actually look like new.

If you prefer Yamaha fame, you will save half the price of a new Yamaha piano. Each piano is unique in character and sound

BOL PIANOS has a huge stock of 250 PIECES Yamaha refurbished pianos, which you can compare side by side. Also available with Silent system.