Record attempt: Hans plays all 16 pianos in one day in the trainstations

Hans Jansen from Zwolle went viral last year after someone made a movie of him behind a station piano, where he sang Chris Isaak's Wicked Game.

After that online adventure Hans now wanted to make a real record attempt. His goal: complete all sixteen station pianos in one day by train. He started in Maastricht and finished Tuesday evening in Leeuwarden.
Jansen came up with the idea after he became known in one fell swoop last November. He plays Passenger's song 'Scare away the dark' at every station. "I play that song with the idea that people should look at each other again, instead of at their mobile phones", says Hans.
In daily life, the music lover is a teacher at an intermediate vocational school in Zwolle. He mainly taught himself how to play the piano. "I like to touch and connect people with music".

Last update: May 22nd 19:22