The Piano - A short history


The Piano - A short history door John Meulkens

John Meulkens was born in London of Dutch parents and educated at St. Albans School and moved to Holland in his late teens. He is a friend of sculptor James Butler and a great admirer of his work. In his early years he qualified as an accountant. After working for Shell for a short spell, he joined Unilever. For a considerable number of years, he worked as a Management Consult- ant on assignments in most of the Western European countries, living with his wife Joanna, for some time in Athens, Madrid, Hamburg, Stockholm and Turku (Finland).
He has also written a book on James Butler: "James Butler. An Extended Personal View of a Collector" and on the occupation years: "Life in Holland during the German Occupation (1940-1945)".
Since then he has written a number of other books: "The Croix Rouge Farm Memorial" (bilingual English/ French), "The Ultimate Experience" (describing a visit to the USA) and "The Joys of Collecting and Painting".