Premium silent system, vleugel


Connect your headphones to your own piano!

It is possible to equip your piano or grand piano with a BOLAN Piano Silencer, so that only you can hear your piano music with headphones. Quiet for those around you and perfect sound quality for yourself.

It can be built into almost any piano. The system ensures that your piano itself no longer produces sound. This without compromises for the quality and value of your instrument. The BOLAN electronic system takes over the keyboard and sends the signals via the BOLAN system to the headphones.
When installing in a piano that you already own, installation costs and possibly also transport costs will be charged.

The built-in system allows you to turn the original sound of the piano on or off, and the simple control panel allows you to choose different options.
You operate the silent system using a compact and modern panel.

The BOLAN Piano Silent System is a universal system that can be built into any modern grand piano and piano.

The BOLAN Piano Silent System now has even more functionalities and options, such as recording on 4 tracks, new improved samples, more instruments, 110 demo songs and even a piano lesson system.

  • High resolution LCD-display
  • Built-in MIDI interface
  • 128 sounds (polyphonic)
  • USB-port compatible with iphone / ipad
  • Highest quality realistic piano samples
  • Record multiple tracks (40.000 notes)
  • Transpose
  • 110 demo songs
  • Metronome
  • Modern design + slide screen
  • Touch control panel