Petrof 192 vleugel (1975)

€9.990 €14.990
Length (cm) 192
Width (cm) 151.5
Serial Number 223486
Construction year 1975
Branch Veenendaal


A Petrof grand piano in completely original condition. Both optically and technically still very good. Made in black high-gloss.

About 100 kilometers east of Prague in Hradec Králove (Czech Republic), Antonin Petrof founded the Petrof piano factory in 1864. The original factory still stands and was owned by the Petrof family for five generations.
By 1880, Petrof was ahead of technical developments and won many prizes for its pianos at international exhibitions and in 1899 the company was appointed official piano supplier of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In 1948 the factory became state property and came under communist management. The quality of the instruments therefore deteriorated, because the managers were not judged on quality, but on production numbers.
In fact, most of Petrof's production moved to the Soviet Union in exchange for oil and natural gas.

In 1989, a democratic government was established in Prague and in 1991 (after 40 years) the factory was returned to the hands of the Petrof family, putting the emphasis back on quality.
of piano and grand piano production.