Crumar Seventeen

Height (cm) 16
Width (cm) 111
Depth (cm) 38

After the success of the Crumar Seven, the new standard for "vintage style", Crumar is now releasing the Seventeen.
Where the Crumar Seven has the old look of the 60s and 70s, the Seventeen has a real 80s look with blue tolex and black bottom.
The (optional) silver matte legs can also be supplied. All connections are nicely concealed on the left side of the instrument. The Seventeen is equipped with a 73-key hammer action keyboard from the Seven. The Seventeen combines both samples and physical modeling technology.
The Seven is equipped with some of the most famous vintage sounds such as; electric grand piano, reed, clavi, as well as high-quality samples from acoustic pianos, combos and piano synths, among others.

The Crumar Seven contains top-quality effects such as reverb, delay and internal equalizer. 2 effects can be used simultaneously.

Modern, lightweight, powerful and easy to use!



Physical modeling: tine piano
Sampled and hybrid: Electric Grand, Clavi, Reed piano, DX piano, MKS piano, Japanese acoustic grand, German 274 acoustic grand, synth piano, piano-string, combi sounds

Import and export native “crumar” sampled material
64 presets


- 2 independent effects slots: Tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser, wah
- Amp simulator
- Independent reverb and delay
- Internal EQ

Other features:
- Wooden case with black and blue Tolex
- Italian 73 notes hammer action keyboard
- Easy user interface with display and navigation buttons
- MIDI OUT connector and USB-MIDI IN/OUT port
- Balanced output L & R and headphones out
- USB system type “A” connector
- Sustain pedal jack
- Internal PSU
- Brackets compatible with 4 legs stand (not included) - see PLS-04

Power rating: 100 AC ~ 240V AC
Dimensions: cm 111 x 38 x 16 - inches 43,7 x 15 x 6,2
Weight: 12 Kg - 26,5 lbs
Box dimensions: cm 120 x 27 x 54 - inches 47,2 x 10,6 x 21,2
Box weight: 15 Kg - 33 lbs

Legs PLS-04 (optional)
Sustain pedal: CSP-40 (optioneel)