BOL Piano's & Vleugels on RTL7

BOL Piano’s & Vleugels proudly announces the partnership for Ondernemers Lounge, at RTL7, presented by Maurice Vollebregt and Laurien Verstraten.

Beginning with 19.07.2020, for the next period, every Sunday morning, the listeners of the Lounge have the opportunity of listening to great pianists playing on top concert pianos provided by Bol Piano’s & Vleugels.

“We have a very good collaboration for the show, especially because Maurice understands very well music and plays himself piano well, so all came in place very naturally. We think all team is very professional and listeners will enjoy a lot our collaboration.” Ron Bol, Bol Piano’s & Vleugels

"I have played music my entire life so far (singing, piano, saxphone) and I simply cannot imagine creating a good tv talkshow without music being a serious part of it. We got acquainted with Ron Bol and his wonderful 'Valhalla of Piano's' just in time. And, to be honest, I have a very good feeling about this partnership!" Maurice Vollebregt, Ondernemers Lounge

Bol Piano’s & Vleugels invests in awareness of benefits playing on acoustic pianos, as corporate responsibility, to make people aware of the natural sound and vibration as movement of the soul produced by real pianos; we believe in the natural sound produced by good quality instruments and tradition of acoustic pianos, as the only real pianos to be continued to play on by generations.