Nord Stage 4 - 73

Hoogte (cm) 12.1
Breedte (cm) 106.9
 Diepte (cm) 34.9


 De allernieuwste van het topmodel van Nord, de Stage 4!
Dit is de uitvoering met 73 toetsen.

De Stage 4 wordt verdeeld in 3 secties; Piano, Synthesizer en orgel.
Deze zijn per sectie los in te stellen en op te slaan. Hier enkele specificaties:

Piano Section Highlights

  • Enhanced collection of Uprights, Grands,
    EPs and more
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Unison feature
  • Creative Timbre presets
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise

Synth Section Highlights

  • Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine
  • 3 independent Synth Layers
  • Doubled sample memory
  • Enhanced samples with Tru-Vibrato, Unison and Round Robin
  • Extensive real time controls
  • Advanced Arpeggiator with Polyphonic, Gate and Pattern modes
  • Extern mode for advanced MIDI control

Organ Section Highlights

  • Award-winning organ simulations of B3, Vox/Farfisa and Pipe Organ models
  • Physical drawbars with LED indicators
  • Enhanced Rotary Speaker Drive
  • Drawbar Live mode
  • New B3 Bass mode
  • Enhanced model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker with new drive including close or distant mic position

The Effect Section Highlights

  • Dedicated Effect section per Layer
  • New Variations for Modulation, Amp, Delay and Reverb Effects
  • New Spring, Booth and Cathedral Reverb
  • New Spin effect
  • New Pump effect
  • New Flam and Space Delay 

Eventueel ook optioneel verkrijgbaar zijn de pedalen voor de Nord.