Yamaha Disklavier zelfspeel systeem

BOL pianos can supply the original Yamaha Disklavier system as the exclusive distributor of Bösendorfer pianos and grand pianos.
These systems are only available new from the factory on Bösendorfer instruments.

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Listen to the grand works of great masters of piano music without lifting one single finger.


After all, every pianist deserves a break. The Bösendorfer Disklavier Edition will surprise you by playing back any performance with ultimate precision and refinement. Listen to Rachmaninoff playing his own works, wonder about the mystical

 interpretations of Anton Rubinstein, groove to Oscar Peterson’s tunes: Our Bösendorfer Disklavier Edition comes with more than 1.000 recordings of different styles and genres. We apply the most sophisticated system there is, the Disklavier ENSPIRE player technology developed by Yamaha. Pianists cannot only enjoy listing to a library of performances but immediately record and play back their very own music.

Gentle movements, dynamic phrasing, pedalling as well as artistic articulation, everything is precisely noted and saved with unheard authenticity in your library. 

Your play becomes immortal like compositions of grand piano masters. Immerse yourself in the Bösendorfer Sound universe. Listen and enjoy.