Yamaha C2 vleugel (1995)

Length (cm) 175
Width (cm) 151
Serial Number 5425135
Year of construction/year of restoration 1995/2023
Branch Kalmthout


Yamaha's C-Series grand pianos are specifically designed for advanced piano players. They have a permanent place in the concert world and can be found in most conservatories around the world.

Yamaha grand pianos at Bol Pianos
Bol Pianos offers more than 500 refurbished Yamaha pianos and grand pianos with a five-year warranty. All Yamaha grand pianos that come to us undergo a complete mechanical restoration, so that they look like new again. We overhaul both the inside and outside. We spray the cabinetwork with polyester high-gloss lacquer, replace the fingerboard tops and provide the soundboard with new lacquer. The hammers, strings and dampers of the wings have been replaced or were delivered in top condition. Through all these actions, we give the instruments a 5-year warranty and we guarantee a long lifespan for the Yamaha grand pianos.