W.Hoffmann V-131

Heigth (cm) 131.5
Width (cm) 151
Depth (cm) 63.5
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The two new pianos in the W. Hoffmann Vision V-126 and V-131 also contribute to make this series a great success. Due to its height, the W. Hoffmann Vision V-126 piano with its precise mechanics and classic cabinet has a fuller sound than the two smaller types, the V-112 and the V-120. The W. Hoffmann Vision pianos, the new line of relatively low-priced instruments produced according to C. Bechstein standards, is the alternative to cheap products from Asia. After all, the W. Hoffmann's excellent touch with fine shades, effortless rehearsal and pleasant timbre is based on European standards. The profiling and checking of all parts is done by expert piano builders of the C. Bechstein factory in Europe. C. Bechstein in the Czech Republic is responsible from production to strict quality control.
  • Rast: medium-hard solid wood
  • Soundboard: spruce
  • Spreads: spruce
  • Comb: hardwood
  • Pinblock: layers of glued hardwood
  • Frame: traditional cast iron
  • Steel strings: from European easy
  • Bass strings: 95% pure copper
  • Cabinet: solid pine parts and MDF panels
  • Mechanism and console according to European standards
  • Hammerheads with English sheep felt.
  • Colour options: White high-gloss, walnut high-gloss and mahogany high-gloss available at extra cost