Haegele 108(1964)

Heigth (cm) 108
Width (cm) 147.5
Depth (cm) 57
Serial number 14674
Year of construction 1964
Shop Krimpen


This piano, built in Heinrich Haegele's original factory in Aalen (Germany), turned out to be a very nice specimen after our revision, after which we decided to paint this beautiful instrument in contemporary black high gloss.
As a result, this attractively priced German quality piano does not look out of place in almost any interior.

In 1846 Heinrich Haegele founded his piano factory in Aalen (Germany) where he produced beautiful, high-quality pianos.
Since 1971 the Haegele instruments were made in the Euterpe factory in Langlau (Germany, founded in 1949).
The Euterpe factory, which besides Haegele also produced the brands W. Hoffmann (now in the Czech Republic by Bechstein) and Feurich (now in Ningbo, China), was taken over by the Bechstein Gruppe in 1990.
The Bechstein Gruppe now owns the brand name Heagele and the Euterpe factory in Langlau was closed in 1993.