Rippen L3 piano

Height (cm) 131.5
Width (cm) 155.5
 Depth (cm) 64.5
Branch At

Listen, Watch and Compare:

This is the higher model from the new series of Rippen pianos, measuring 131 cm high.

To raise the renowned high quality of the then middle class RIPPEN PIANOS to a professional level, we have professionalized the NEW RIPPEN PIANOS in a completely new line for the more advanced pianist.

Only the very best German and Japanese materials can guarantee this high quality. A Solid Spruce/Fichte soundboard guarantees this warm romantic German sound quality with a very pleasant playing nature.

You are very welcome to try these pianos in one of our stores. Let this particularly beautiful new line of pianos with a particularly beautiful finish and precision convince you as a continuing generation as EDE RIPPEN HOLLAND

Manufacturer: Pianofabrik Lenzen GmbH, exclusively represented in Europe by BOL PIANO'S & VLEUGELS B.V.