W.Hoffmann V-120

Heigth (cm) 121
Width (cm) 151
Depth (cm) 62.5
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The W. Hoffmann Vision V 120 piano is an instrument with a fine touch and a balanced sound, rich in the overtones. This instrument is not just a cheap piano: the W. Hoffmann Vision V120 has a great price/quality ratio. The W. Hoffmann Vision 120 piano is available with the C. Bechstein Vario System. This allows you to study day and night without disturbing neighbours or roommates. The W. Hoffmann Vision V 120 piano is a remarkable instrument: good material and efficient production make this piano available to you. Below you will find a number of parts that your piano specialist can show you on the basis of the instrument itself.

  • Grid: medium-hard solid wood
  • Soundboard: spruce
  • Spreads: spruce
  • Comb: hardwood
  • Pinblock: layers of glued hardwood
  • Frame: traditional cast iron
  • Steel strings: from European easy
  • Bass strings: 95% pure copper
  • Cabinet: solid pine parts and MDF panels
  • Mechanism and console according to European standards
  • Hammerheads with English sheep felt.