QRS zelfspeel systeem

This is a system that can turn a piano or grand piano into a self-playing piano. A modern version of the pianola of the past. However, with the most modern techniques and easy to operate via telephone or tablet. This system can be built into most pianos and grand pianos. Contact us for options and prices.

The PNOmation Playback Bundle

  • Includes all you need to have your piano play itself.
  • PNOmation Playback Engine, Controller and Processor.
  • Speaker for background music.
  • WiFi interface for network integration or stand alone mode.
  • Pin Light Port Extension (PLx) - Status, I/O Ports, USB, Headphones, Mic or Laptop.
  • Voice Prompt feedback.
  • IR Remote.
  • SingAlong

The PNOmation Playback and Record Bundle (optioneel)

  • Includes the Playback Bundle.
  • PNOscan sensors and integrations.
  • Record, Playback, Perform, Save and Practice.
  • PNOcloud auto record, auto save and auto upload feature set.*
  • Practice and Perform.

The PNOmation Playback, Record and Practice Bundle (optioneel)

  • Includes the Playback & Record Bundle.
  • Key Stop Rail for practicing in silence.
  • Headphones.
  • Practice in Silence Capabilities.