Kemble 117 piano (2003)

Height (cm) 117
Width (cm) 152.5
Depth (cm) 57.5
Serial Number 311702
Construction year 2003
Branch Veenendaal

Listen, Watch and Compare:

Kemble 117 model piano, made in beautiful mahogany high gloss with graceful legs and decorations in the top window.

The Kemble piano was originally built by the then Kemble factory in Milton Keynes in England. It was still the time when Director/Owners Bob Kemble and Denzil Jacobs were. Afterwards, Kemble was taken over by Yamaha and a few years ago the factory closed its doors and production was transferred to Indonesia.
Kemble was imported in these years by the importer J. Domp B.V., where our own director, owner Ron BOL, worked as sales director at the time and sold this piano at the time by the Brinkmann company to Dorpsstraat/Zoetermeer. Funny how you sometimes come across a piano again later. This piano was acquired through trade-in/purchase. J. Domp B.V. sold at the time as the largest piano company of the past, approximately. 500 of these pianos per year in the Netherlands.