Grotrian Steinweg 200 vleugel (1904)

Length (cm) 200
Width (cm) 146
Serial Number 14770
Construction year 1904
Branch Noordwijk

A beautiful, completely restored grand piano by the German builder Grotrian Steinweg. Due to its length it has a very full and deep sound.

Grotrian Steinweg is a German piano factory in Braunschweig with an extensive history.
In 1835, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg started a piano building company in Seesen and in 1850 he left for America. In America his name became Henry Steinway and in 1853 he founded Steinway in New York.

His son C.F. Theodor Steinweg took over the company in Seesen and moved it to Wolfenbüttel in 1855.
Georg Friedrich Carl Grotrian (1803-1860) left for Moscow in 1830 to make a living from the music trade and thus came into contact with artists such as Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt and Anton Rubinstein. Friedrich Grotrian also started building pianos based on the sound ideal of these famous artists and he earned a very good income from it.

When Friedrich Grotrian returned to Germany in 1865, Theodor Steinweg made him a partner in the company. Together they bought a new factory in Braunschweig.
In 1865 Theodor Steinweg leaves, due to the death of his brothers Charles and Henry Steinway, to New York. Theodor Steinweg sells his share in Grotrian Steinweg (Braunschweig) to Wilhelm Grotrian (Friedrich Grotrian's son) and two employees, Adolf Helfferich and Heinrich Otto Wilhelm Schulz.
From this moment on, the Grotrian and Steinweg families were permanently separated and the name was changed to 'C.F.Th. Steinweg Nachf. In 1869 the names Grotrian, Helfferich, Schulz and Th. Steinweg Nachf. used.

When Wilhelm Schulz died (1873) and Adolf Helfferich retired (1886), Wilhelm Grotrian became the head of the now famous Grotrian Steinweg Piano Factory in Braunschweig. Wilhelm Grotrian allowed the company to grow successfully and in 1895 he took his sons Willi Grotrian (1868-1931) and Kurt Grotrian (1870-1929) into the company. Several new branches were subsequently opened, including in London and America.
In 1929, the year of the stock market crash, Kurt Grotrian died and Willi Grotrian died in 1931. Erwin Grotrian Steinweg (1899-1990) and Helmut Grotrian Steinweg (1900-1977) (both sons of Kurt Grotrian) led the company through the following difficult years.

In 1974, Grotrian Steinweg settled in the current factory hall in Braunschweig. When Knut Grotrian Steinweg took over the management of the company, the years-long dispute over the use of the name “Steinweg” was resolved (Europe: Grotrian Steinweg; in the US only the name “Grotrian” may be used).
Since 1999, Grotrian Steinweg has been led by Burkhard Stein.
Since April 2015, the Parsons Music Group from Hong Kong has been a major shareholder in Grotrian and otherwise it remains a family business.
Finally: from February 1, 2017, Grotrian Steinweg will be led by Terence Hg of Parsons Music.