Silent Piano Gerh. Steinberg Economy UP-133

Height (cm) 133
Width (cm) 154
 Depth (cm) 61.5
Branch At

Listen, Watch and Compare:

Equipped with our BOLAN Interactive silent system worth € 1,290.

The UP-133 is the top model in our Economy line from G. Steinberg. With its height, a real concert piano! In addition to our GS models in the Steinberg series, we have this new model in full stock.

ThisEconomy model was built on a larger scale inthe Steinberg factory, and we can offer it at an affordable price partly due to this large-scale production process.

With this piano you can get a decent new piano for just €4990. This UP-133 piano can be compared in model to a Yamaha U3. Both in height (133cm) and the U3 (131cm) they have a beautiful full sound, with deep bass and a clear overtone.
The piano is also equipped with luxurious benefits such as a one-piece keyboard lid, which you normally only find in more expensive pianos above € 10,000. The keyboard lid is also equipped with a beautifully finished slow-fall. (valve brake)

The G. Steinberg Economy UP-133 is made in high-gloss black and finished with chrome fittings, which gives the piano an extra luxurious look. This piano is a gem for both the eye and the ear.
Come visit one of our showrooms to try it out.

This piano can also be equipped with a BOLAN silent system for an additional charge. (ask in the store for the options)