Gerh. Steinberg GS-187 vleugel, wit

Length (cm) 187
Width (cm) 152.7
Branch At

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This brand originally comes from Berlin since 1908. After a short takeover period by the English Bentley Piano Company from 1984 to 1992, the brand was taken over again by Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd Ltd. from 1993 to 1998 and finally closed in 2003.
Since then, G. Steinberg has been built as a separate line in the Perzina factory in Yantai in China. 
The parts used, just like Perzina, come from Europe, which means the brand is respectably positioned at the top of the beginner class. 5 types (heights) of pianos are built and 4 types (lengths) of grand pianos.

G. Steinberg instruments are characterized by their excellent price-quality ratio and beautiful designs. The fine touch and beautiful warm sounds provide a very enjoyable playing experience, allowing you to discover the secrets of the rich piano literature in your own way.

Special characteristics:

  • Study pedal
  • Solid chrome hinges
  • Swiss top quality paints
  • Solid maple rasp
  • Other versions: White, walnut and mahogany high gloss - Cherry, beech, maple and other matt wood types available at an additional cost.