Essence silent system, piano

€1.290 €1.490

Connect your headphones to your own piano!

This special discount is only valid when purchasing a piano. 

The BOLAN Essence silent system for piano is the latest in our line. Simply put, this means that this is virtually the same as the more expensive Premium silent system, but a slightly more compact variant. You can use the sound and quality of our top system, with only slightly fewer functions.

  • 128 polyphonic
  • Optical (infrared) sensors
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity
  • USB port for connection to PC
  • High quality samples
  • 10 different sounds
  • Transponeren (24 semitones)
  • Metronome
  • Effects (chorus, reverb)
  • 2x jack output
  • Midi module, In/Out/Tru (optional)