C. Bechstein Vario silent, vleugel


The new silent system from C. Bechstein: Vario Duett

Maybe you just want to play the piano? Or you don't want to disturb family, housemates or neighbors. You can put your piano in silent mode at the touch of a button. The Vario Duet silent system developed exclusively by C. Bechstein: prevents the strings from sounding while you hear the sampled notes of our best instruments in your headphones.

With today's technology, recording and sharing your music is a breeze.
It's so easy to connect your instrument to apps on smartphones, tablets and PCs, whether using Bluetooth or the advanced USB-C standard, to add creative possibilities beyond piano playing. The intuitive Vario app is the central part of the Vario experience. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Vario app allows unlimited recording, makes it incredibly easy to share your music and offers a wealth of additional features.

The Vario app is available for all mobile devices with Apple iOS and iPadOS built in 2015 or later and ANDROID. Furthermore, MIDI functions are available in all mobile and desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Unix/Linux), independently of the Vario app.

This is perhaps the best silent system on the market. Sampled on the C. Bechstein D-282 grand piano and a very sensitive touch.

Available in both black and white high gloss.