C. Bechstein Concert 8 piano, Wortelnoten

Height (cm) 131
Width (cm) 154
 Depth (cm) 67
Branch At


This piano is available to order. (both matte and high gloss) Take contact us for more information.

Listen, Watch and Compare:

C. Bechstein Concert 8 piano – the superior concert piano. Bechstein's pianos have been characterized by their sound, touch and durability for 150 years. The C. Bechstein Concert 8 concert piano is the extraordinary non plus ultra - often described as the best concert piano in the world. For decades, the C. Bechstein Concert 8 has been regarded as an unrivaled model.

The instrument exceeds a normal mid-range grand piano. The sound mechanism, sound volume, color, touch, everything surprises and convinces even the most demanding pianists who are used to the precision and volume of a grand piano. In addition: the C. Bechstein Concert 8 is equipped with a leading new acoustic system, which matches the output of the C. Bechstein grand piano in the 'Masterpiece series'. The C. Bechstein Concert 8 piano actually features the most important technical principles that are also applied in the current C. Bechstein grand pianos. This means: sensitive intensity, many gradations in timbre, a varied, optimal development of the tone

White high gloss, walnut, mahogany, cherry, all satin or high gloss, special wood types and wood inlays possible. Everything available at an additional cost.

(these versions are not in stock and must be specially ordered. Ask about the options)