C. Bechstein B-212 vleugel

Length (cm) 212
Width (cm) 156
Branch Veenendaal


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A salon grand piano for gourmets
Handmade in Germany! The engineers in C. Bechstein's Research & Development department developed the exceptional B-212 salon grand piano in close dialogue with numerous pianists and conservatory teachers. Many characteristic features of this beautiful instrument are comparable to those of the C. Bechstein C-234 and D-282 concert grand pianos.

The C. Bechstein B-212 salon grand piano offers unlimited playing fun and is the ideal daily companion for amateurs and professionals who are looking for the very best. The C. Bechstein B-212 is ideal for recitals; it is often found in conservatories and private music halls.

Factory secrets
The production processes of the C. Bechstein B-212 salon grand piano contain both the secrets of Bechstein piano and grand piano builders kept since 1853 and the latest discoveries of C. Bechstein's Research & Development department. The perfect control of the tensions in the acoustic section completes each instrument with its own distinctive personality. The soundboard parts of a C. Bechstein grand piano respond like a vibrating acoustic membrane that transforms sound tones into long-lasting peak experiences. In addition, the cast iron frame has been redesigned to optimize both sound duration and acoustic energy.

The tuning block made of nine layers of high-quality wood ensures precise adjustment of the tuning pegs and long-lasting tuning stability.
C. Bechstein's manufacturing department ensures high production quality of all piano parts, including Bechstein's own hammer heads. That is why the C. Bechstein B-212 salon grand piano has such a professional, precise mechanism composition.
C. Bechstein B-212 salon grand piano: a magical instrument with a beautiful, subtle touch and a noble, transparent and richly nuanced tone. Convince yourself of this Masterpiece!