C. Bechstein Academy A-208 vleugel

Length (cm) 208
Width (cm) 154
Branch Veenendaal


A desirable salon grand piano
A grand piano for all musical genres, the Bechstein A-208 model is tailored to professional and amateur pianists looking for a premium instrument.

The Bechstein A-208 salon grand piano is suitable for all musical styles, solo performances and chamber music concerts. It features a beautiful dynamic range combined with an abundance of nuances and it has incredibly balanced and precise mechanics. The aforementioned high-quality features and the accessible price make it clear why this model is coveted by conservatories all over the world.
Carefully selected materials
With all Bechstein instruments, the careful selection of materials plays an essential factor in the success of the A-208 salon grand piano. For example, the best spruce is used for the soundboard and its ribs. The other wooden parts are made of high-quality pine. Other parts of the housing are made of solid wood cross-strap veneer. The iron plate cast in sand provides excellent resistance to tension and optimizes the fundamental tone. The integrated capodaster strips and duplex scales play an important role in the colorful sound of the triple string, while specially designed agraphs (string guides) limit the tone duration of the middle and bass strings. Both the strings and tuning pins are made of the best materials.

A salon grand piano rooted in the rich Bechstein tradition
Bechstein's Research & Development department has taken the brand's great tradition into account when developing the Premium Bechstein pianos. As a result, the Premium Bechstein instruments are distinguished not only by their wide dynamic range and noble tone, but also by the professional decision to use the own German C. Bechstein hammer heads in the Premium series.