C. Bechstein A-180 Grand Piano (1909)

€14.990 €16.990
Length (cm) 180
Width (cm) 145
Serial Number 87468
Construction year 1909
Branch Veenendaal

This beautiful antique Bechstein grand piano is 180cm long. The wing has been completely restored on the inside and is in perfect condition. Strings, tuning block and hammers are completely new. The wing is still in the original black polish.

Since 1853, the Bechstein sound has enchanted players and listeners alike. Great musicians – from Liszt to Lutoslawski, from Brahms to Penderecki, from Leonard Bernstein to Cecil Taylor – have always relied on a Bechstein as a medium for their musical message. Concert programs and commissions from the “Goldenen Bücher” demonstrate the close dialogue between the artists and their 'Bechstein'. The Bechstein – interpreter of musical messages. The great art: to give musicians a reliable and valuable 'tool' for their music, their interpretation and their sound presentation, that was and is Bechstein's principle. To produce grand pianos and pianos of the highest category, on which even the greatest artists feel at home - that is and remains Bechstein's motivation, a tireless pursuit of perfection. It is a great honor for a Bechstein to be brought to life by the most important musicians of our time, a high and lofty goal in the service of music on the stages to bring people happiness.

In addition to manual work, part of the production is automated using the most modern techniques. The resulting time savings are used for individually finishing each individual instrument. Bechstein is a truly traditional company, especially when it comes to mechanics and tone formation, work that can only be carried out by specialists. Each instrument has the same intensive treatment and that is clearly audible. Bechstein uses many natural materials. Due to the high quality requirements, the material is tested and selected for reliability. Nothing is left to chance, whether it concerns the elasticity of the felt, the suppleness of the leather or the grain of the veneer. Ecological standards also play a role. Strict rules apply especially to the hammer heads, which are very important for tone formation