C. Bechstein R4 Contur piano

Height (cm) 120
Width (cm) 153
 Depth (cm) 61
Branch At

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This model was previously the 118 Classic

A mature piano classic C. Bechstein Classic R4 – noble sound, a feast for the eyes, award-winner, timeless classic that will delight many generations to come.

The C. Bechstein Classic R4 piano inspires anyone who loves classical design. The proportions are perfect, the clean lines timeless, modern and elegant. A piano that excels in sound and technique. The C. Bechstein Classic R4 takes a stand by not taking a stand: a piano with a refined sound and touch with an ease that equally inspires every professional and novice player, combined with the right mature technique. A harmonious style inside and out. The beautiful harmony of this medium-high piano is excellent in international comparative studies of the Romantic and post-Romantic periods.

In the C. Bechstein pianos - including the C. Bechstein Classic R4 - many elements of the C. Bechstein grand piano technology come together, which guarantees superior quality. This 'high school' of piano construction has been the market leader in the highest segment from the start. The German C. Bechstein factory spends a lot of time on each of these masterpieces. A visit to our production area shows how much love and attention is paid to the details of this reliable piano. Ask your C. Bechstein dealer for the DVD about the history of C. Bechstein. Anyone who sees the production method of the C. Bechstein Classic R4 piano will understand why the C. Bechstein pianos are among the best in the world. We can also supply the C. Bechstein piano Classic R4 with the Vario System, so you can play day and night without anyone listening.