Bösendorfer 225 vleugel

Length (cm) 225
Width (cm) 159
Branch Veenendaal


Listen, Watch and Compare:

Orchestral presence up to F Sub contra
Imperial Line

By looking at the extra black keys of this Bösendorfer grand piano, the pianist immediately realizes that this is an extraordinary instrument. This grand piano - like the larger 290 Imperial - is dedicated to the tradition of Viennese piano making. With its unique design and size, this grand piano has an exceptional multitude of colors that are comparable to an orchestra. From fragile pianissimo to brilliant fortissimo, this Bösendorfer grand piano takes the audience all the way to the F Sub contra. The additional bass notes not only enrich the tonal volume of the instrument, but also generate the additional sound colors that provide an orchestral sound spectrum. This unique sonic presence, spanning all registers, is the sonic basis and cause of the Bösendorfer 225's popularity as a chamber and solo instrument.
A presence that leaves no audience unmoved.