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BOL Pianos & Grand Pianos is a family business with more than 40 years of practical experience as a manufacturer, importer and retailer of pianos and grand pianos. The company guarantees an excellent reputation and a trusted choice where you can choose from pianos and grand pianos from beginner pianos and grand pianos to the highest professional class as well as a wide range of concert grand pianos for theaters and concert halls.

At BOL Pianos you will find new and used pianos and grand pianos in all price ranges with its most extensive selection in Europe: Pianos , grand pianos , silent pianos , self-playing pianos and grand pianos , digital pianos , accessories .

We have 5 stores in the Netherlands and 1 store in Belgium:
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Veenendaal
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Amsterdam
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Krimpen on the IJssel
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Noordwijk
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Bussum
Bol Pianos and Grand Pianos Antwerp/Kalmthout (B)

All our piano shops are open on all working days and also on Saturdays. We are also open on Sundays in our stores in Krimpen aan de IJssel and Veenendaal.

BOL Pianos is the exclusive distributor for the entire |Benelux for the following piano manufacturers:
C.Bechstein piano's , W.Hoffmann Piano's , Zimmermann piano's Bösendorfer piano's , Steingraeber Piano's , Gerh.Steinberg Piano's (own factory), Perzina Piano's (own factory), Estonia Piano's , Rippen Piano's , but also find you in eleven showrooms occasion instruments of Steinway & Sons Piano's , Yamaha Piano's , Kawai Piano's , Petrof Piano's , August Forster Piano's , Rosler Piano's eva

The piano or grand piano you purchase includes a complete delivery package, accessories, hygrometer, saucers for under the wheels and an adjustable matching bench, including a delivery tuning. We will do everything we can to provide you, as a satisfied piano lover, with an instrument that suits your heart's choice.

Piano kopen doe je met je hart


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