The piano vibe makes you alive

At the buying of an acoustic piano, Bol Piano’s en Vleugels offers you, during December, free private piano lessons for all ages and levels.

It is never too early or too late to play the piano. We help you make it happen the right way.

We aim, through this project, to make acoustic piano playing more accessible to all people in The Netherlands, regardless of age, by providing the right combination between playing an acoustic piano and piano lessons, in order to help them experience the joy, peace of heart, relaxation and all the other soul states that music arises within us.

What a person needs to do is just to choose the acoustic piano that fits to his/her own heart best and we make sure of having the piano playing experience possible in the right way, in order that the person has an authentic piano playing experience and can best benefit the piano in the house.

Having the right experience with the piano, will transform the piano in the house from a mere furniture to a living integrated experience that will bring you happiness, comfort and relaxation.

An exclusive Bol Piano’s en Vleugels project at the buying of acoustic pianos in The Netherlands. More details at Bol Piano’s en Vleugels showrooms in The Netherlands (Veenendaal, Amsterdam, Krimpen/Rotterdam, Noordvijk).

Available anywhere in the Netherlands!