The essence of playing the piano that makes you feel alive

When you purchase an acoustic piano from Bol Piano's & Vleugels during the month of December, you will receive a package of free private piano lessons.
It's never too early or too late to start playing the piano. We are happy to help you find love and passion for playing the piano in the right way.

Through this project, we strive to make learning to play an acoustic piano well more accessible to all people in the Netherlands, regardless of age or background, through the right combination of high-quality and beautiful acoustic pianos and professionally maintained pianos. lessons by professionally qualified piano teachers. In this way we hope to allow everyone to experience how playing the piano can provide happiness, joy, relaxation and inspiration for the soul and life, and how it can awaken the deepest part of your being and being.

Once you have chosen the right acoustic piano with your heart that suits your personal taste and wishes, we will ensure that you learn to play your instrument in the best possible way so that you can enjoy your piano playing at home in an authentic way and share with your loved ones and surroundings.

Learning to play a piano properly, determining your goals and dreams, will transform the piano from having 'not just a piece of furniture at home' to an integrated personal experience that you will enjoy at all times. pleasure, relaxation and happiness to express yourself.

An exclusive Bol Pianos & Grand Piano project. For more details and questions, please visit our Bol Pianos & Grand Piano showrooms in the Netherlands: Veenendaal, Amsterdam, Rotterdam/Krimpen aan den IJssel and Noordwijk.

Available everywhere in the Netherlands!