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  Yamaha wings

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Yamaha C3 vleugel (1978)Yamaha C3 vleugel (1978)
Yamaha C3 vleugel (1978) Sale price€17.990,00
Yamaha C2 vleugel (1995)Yamaha C2 vleugel (1995)
Yamaha C2 vleugel (1995) Sale price€19.990,00
Yamaha C3 vleugel (1992)Yamaha C3 vleugel (1992)
Yamaha C3 vleugel (1992) Sale price€19.990,00
Yamaha C3 vleugel (2000)Yamaha C3 vleugel (2000)
Yamaha C3 vleugel (2000) Sale price€20.990,00
Yamaha C3 vleugel (1999)Yamaha C3 vleugel (1999)
Yamaha C3 vleugel (1999) Sale price€21.990,00
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989) Sale price€22.990,00
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989)
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1989) Sale price€22.990,00
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1984)Yamaha C5 vleugel (1984)
Yamaha C5 vleugel (1984) Sale price€22.990,00

A Yamaha grand piano is the result of more than 100 years of craftsmanship and design. This means you have a very good quality grand piano in your possession. At Bol Pianos we have an extensive range of the most beautiful Yamaha grand pianos. We also have an extensive range of Yamaha silent grand pianos and Yamaha pianos.

We only offer wings of the best quality. With our years of experience, we know exactly which features to look for when purchasing the most beautiful Yamaha grand pianos. We also restore and tune the wings as soon as they arrive at us.

Yamaha wings

Yamaha is one of the most popular piano brands. Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, when he started restoring a harmonium. Yamaha started making pianos in 1900 and has since grown into one of the largest musical instrument builders in the world. Because in addition to pianos and grand pianos, Yamaha also offers a lot of other products, such as drum sets, speakers, guitars, wind instruments, string instruments, etc. Yet the love for pianos among all these other instruments was never forgotten and Yamaha is still a very important name in the world. piano world.


In 1900 Yamaha started producing pianos and two years later Yamaha built the first one
grand piano made in Japan, which was immediately awarded at the Osaka fair.
1950: The FC grand piano: Yamaha's first concert grand piano.
In 1951 the pianist Adolf Baller played on this grand piano together with violinist Yehudi Menuhin during a tour of Japan and in 1953 the then world-famous German pianist
Walter Gieseking the FC wing in the Imperial Palace for the Japanese Emperor.

1967: C-series grand pianos and the CF concert grand piano
Yamaha introduced the C-series grand pianos and at the music fair in Frankfurt the CF concert grand piano was presented, which was highly appreciated by connoisseurs and was regularly used by famous pianists on concert stages.
1983: CFIII concert grand piano
Yamaha's constant pursuit of quality improvement led to the introduction of the widely appreciated CFIII concert grand piano in 1983, used at many competitions.
1991: CFIIIS concert grand piano
With the CFIIIS concert grand piano, introduced in 1991, Denis Matsoeev won the 1998
11th International Tchaikovsky Competition. With this Yamaha proved itself as a top class grand piano builder.
2010: CF series concert grand pianos and the top model CFX
The CFX concert grand piano makes it clear that the very best of Yamaha has been brought together.
At the CFX, with her enormous dynamic range, Yulianna Avdeeva won the 16th International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in 2010.
2012: CX series wings
The CX series grand pianos have a thickened rear frame, which results in an extra rich, resonant tone.

Yamaha G-series on C-series

The two most popular series of Yamaha grand pianos are the G-series and the C-series. The wings in these series are of top quality.

  • The Yamaha G series includes grand pianos with a beautiful tone and the range of classic grand pianos. Since most common models are shorter in length, the Yamaha G Series is an excellent choice for both smaller rooms and lower budgets. They are the best available grand pianos in this price range.

    The models in this series are:
    Yamaha G1
    Yamaha G2
    Yamaha G3
    Yamaha G5

  • Yamaha's C-Series grand pianos are specifically designed for advanced piano players. They have a permanent place in the concert world and can be found in most conservatories around the world.

    The models in this series are:
    Yamaha GC1
    Yamaha C2
    Yamaha C3
    Yamaha C5
    Yamaha C7
    Yamaha CF

Yamaha grand pianos at Bol Pianos

Bol Pianos offers more than 500 refurbished Yamaha pianos and grand pianos with a five-year warranty. All Yamaha grand pianos that come to us undergo a complete mechanical restoration, so that they look like new again. We overhaul both the inside and outside. We spray the cabinetwork with polyester high-gloss lacquer, replace the fingerboard tops and provide the soundboard with new lacquer. The hammers, strings and dampers of the wings have been replaced or were delivered in top condition. Through all these actions, we give the instruments a 10-year warranty and we guarantee a long lifespan for the Yamaha grand pianos.

Buy a Yamaha grand piano

You can buy your Yamaha grand piano at Bol Piano's. Our advisors are happy to tell you all about the possibilities and help you with all your questions about our Yamaha grand pianos. View the range online, visit one of our showrooms near you or contact us directly.

A Yamaha Silent grand piano?

The Yamaha silent grand piano is very popular in the Netherlands. We have several silent systems in our range. We also regularly have Yamaha silent wings with the original factory-installed Yamaha silent system. However, we usually offer a universal silent system. The big advantage of this is that you can select a wing entirely according to your wishes, where we will then install a silent system. This means you are not limited to a limited choice of silent wings, but you can choose from our full range.