Zimmermann S2

Heigth (cm) 120
Width (cm) 150
Depth (cm) 60.5
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Zimmermann pianos and grand pianos are designed by C. Bechstein for people who want to get to know the world of the piano without compromising on quality. Zimmermann pianos are a new standard for beginners pianos at surprisingly affordable prices. All Zimmermann instruments are made to the specifications of Bechstein's R&D centre, which are also responsible for the production of all other Bechstein products, such as C. Bechstein, Bechstein Academy and W. Hoffmann. Zimmermann pianos and grand pianos are reliable instruments, which comply with European quality standards. The pleasant touch, the rich warm sound in combination with the timeless design make the Zimmermann pianos the ideal instrument to discover the beautiful piano repertoire.